Concerned Homeowners for a Better Future

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Somersett United.  Somersett United is a group of concerned Somersett homeowners dedicated to promoting the well being of the Somersett Community at large.  Many events have been happening in our community that most homeowners are not aware of.  We are not about any particular issue, but about the lack of transparency on the part of the Developer controlled SOA Board.  We at Somersett should be well informed about significant expenditures on the part of the SOA Board and be given a choice to agree or disagree.  This is not happening.  Living in America, many times a special interest group can effect a big change, the tail wagging the dog.  So you, the majority are truly silent.  This is happening here in Somersett with the current SOA Board and shouldn’t be.

We urge all to take advantage of this blog as a way of being informed and connected to the community.  It will be evolving and adding pertinent information frequently.

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17 thoughts on “Concerned Homeowners for a Better Future

  1. Somersett 18 hole Golf Course Financial situation is in bad shape. Now we are going to bail out the developer? Our Town Square has empty buildings and is dead most of the time except when “The Farmers Market” comes to our Town square.

    Very few golfers golf Somersett 18 even in the summer. Somersett 18 hole course is very hard to play with uneven lies 60% of the time. Why would I play this course when I have ArrowCreek and LakeRidge to name a few.


    Get rid of the trailers and move the CLUB HOUSE and BAR to our Town Square and OPEN both to the PUBLIC. Build a Putting Green for the 18 hole course near the Club House at Town Square and move the carts near the Club House. I could even stop once in a while for a drink when I pass buy without golfing.

    Charge a REASONABLE RATE like our public courses in Reno and THE GOLFERS WILL COME and Somersett 18 will show a nice profit.

    The benefits are no need to build anymore building, the General Public in Reno would be drawn to our Town Square and the Home Builders could show case their homes right at Town Center. THINK OF THE ACTIVITY YOU WOULD HAVE in our Town SQAUARE.

    Win/Win situation. The days of Private Country Clubs with Special Entitlements are disappearing just as our wages are starting to shrink.

    1. Actually Bob, you are completely wrong. It can be difficult to get a good tee time at Somersett. I know because I have tried. Their green fees are $40 and is the BEST value in the Reno area. Can you play for less? Yes, at Rosewood Lakes , Sierra Sage and The HO, otherwise known as Washoe Muni. All of them major Dog Tracts where you play with people wearing cut offs and wife beater tee shirts. As for the difficulty of the course. Yes it is, maybe you should take a lesson or try bowling. Better yet maybe you should just quit complaining.

      By the way, was the name Occupy Somersett already taken? Maybe you should take a dump on a golf cart to make your point more clear. It seemed to work for the losers in the other Occupy Movement, so to speak!

      As far as the $15, which is what this is obviously about, go to the range twice a month and you are break even. Which brings me to my point. I have never been in the steam room at the Town Center. I’ve never gone to the pool either. I think someone should refund me $7.83 for those amenities that I don’t use. Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way, does it? Just like the $15 that goes to support the 18 hole golf course that is the very center and MOST defining feature of our community!

      By the way, my e-mail is needed to REPLY. Seeing as you guys already have it and send me stuff all the time without it being requested, it seems moot. Any person who goes to the trouble to obtain the contact info of people not interested in their sorry story and continually bombard them with their tripe need to learn some
      e-etiquette. Take me off your lame mailing list!

      1. Ted, I am sorry that you sound upset.

        I seem to have the opposite opinion of our golf course problem but if my $15 is going to start supporting your golf then I should have my opinion posted also. Is not this a Blog?

        It seems that the people that are getting excited, upset and trying to silence others are the people that have a financial interest in this Country Club. I do propose fair compensation for the familys that invested in the Country Club. If this does not happen then the course will eventually close. I do hope I am wrong. I do not want to use my money to say I was right. $15 this time, next time $25. where does it end.

        This BLOG is a great source for all in our community to express their opinions. I am sure there are a lot of people that share your view, and mine likewise.

        Weather we like it or not, Somersett is selling $300k homes now and the people we are starting to attract are not the Montreux Country Club Set. Our developer had a great idea in the 90’s. times are different and I’d say over half in Somersett are on tight budgets.

        I hope other community homeowners will speak up also and support both views.

        To Mark Tinsdale, thanks for your comments, I do respect them but as you can read, my opinion is different than yours and Ted’s.

        In my opinion, Somersett’s green fees can not compete with the public courses in the area. The public courses parking lots are full during the week. This is why golfers keep away from Somersett. Sommersett green fee’s due compete with D’Andrea’s.

      2. Bob Marcacci:

        We applaud you for your well defined statement of current conditions at Somersett. The conditions at Somersett are shared by many golf courses throughout the country. Developers built too many over the past twenty years and did so to attract prospective buyers. Somersett got caught in an economic downturn and never completed a decent club house. The problem now is that the developer wants the majority of owners to subsidize the interests of less than 1% of the owners who are golf course members with a “Lease” agreement that at best should have been first put to a vote of all homeowners before enacted and at the very least, if approved by a vote of owners, made into a subsidy agreement that at a point in time is paid back to the SOA. Funds that are contributed to the golf course from SOA monies should always first be put to a vote by all owners and the subsequent agreements, if any, should have been available for owner review prior to signing.

      3. In reply to Ted’s Comment:

        If as stated by other CC members that the CC is not losing money or as Blake Smith was quoted in the RGJ ” from what I’m hearing from (its) president they are cash flow positive”, then why all the vitriol? I know of no one who has a vendetta against the CC or wants to see it close, therefore your Golf Carts are safe!

  2. I think we need to look at this as a community and not as the SOA and Country Club. The CC is not in a bad financial state, it has attracted new members and not running at a loss so these are factually incorrect. Bad press is not benifical to the community.

    Why would you play Arrowcreek and Lakeridge? Somersett is a great course in much better condition, yes its more challanging to play but learning to play on a difficult course will make you a better golfer. Playing at Somersett will also support and unite the community, is that not what this is all about?

    Going public is not a good thing for the local community as it will effect house prices even further and the aim is to make the golf affordable to more residents in the future, just look at the current deals to join.

    Lets start to be a community.

    The current clubhouse is open to all Somersett residents for drinks and food and is local to the course, a clubhouse will be built in the future but only when it is viable and sustainable. The Country club are working to ensure this happens and changes are happening since the turnover to the members. Don’t forget that anybody can have a say at the club if you become an equity memer, what better support for the community?

    1. Mark, I hope you are right and I am wrong.

      I do not know you Mark but your comments lead me to believe you have a financial interest in the Country Club.

      The Front Page of the Reno Sunday Gazette-Journal, dated March 11, 2011, says something else. It states on the front page that Somersett Country Club had a net income loss of more than $685,000 in 2011. A net loss of $685,000 in one year is not pocket change. What am I not aware of? Please inform me so I can get on your team. IF THIS ABOVE ARTICLE IN THE RENO NEWSPAPER IS INCORRECT PLEASE POST the NEWSPAPER RETRACTION SO I CAN BE CORRECTED or direct me to information what would change my mind. I really would like a happy, positive view of the situtation.

      I have lived here since April 2008 and my eyes tell me Somersett Country Club is in trouble. My eyes see no players on the course in the middle of summer. My eyes see double wide trailers as Club House and CockTail Lounge. My eyes see high green fees….

      I play most of the public courses in Washoe County. Their prices are reasonable, their parking lots are full during the week. I watched Sierra Sage almost close with empty parking lot and then the right team took over, dropped prices and the parking lot is full now. Sierra Sage in a no frill blue collar golf course that is attracting people to play golf.

      If membership is increasing please show me facts my eyes can read. I need convincing not words.

      You mention going public is not a good thing and will lower our home value. Having a NET LOSS of $685,000 last year is not a good thing. A closed and shut down Somersett Country Club would affect our home values in our community much worse. Example is D’Andrea.

      Times are different now from the 90’s when salaries where $50 hour. Now people are working for $19 hours. Make Somersett affordable for people to play.

      I do hope our community can come together. I also hope my comments are taken in a constructive manner.

      I await with wide open eyes and hope I get information that will change my mind. Bob Marcacci

      1. Bob:

        You make excellent well informed replies with facts. Thank you for contributing this important information. It is obvious that Mr. Dinsdale feels comfortable in having the Golf Course funded by the majority of owners at Somersett who are not golf members. Going public is the ownly way the golf course has a chance to survive. Arrow Creek, Lakeridge and many others are aware of that and have taken action. They also have more attractive club houses with well maintained courses and therefore have a chance to survive. If Somersett does not acquaint itself with action needed as what the rest of the country clubs across the country are doing, it will not have a chance.

    2. I look upon Mark’s comment as nothing more than Country Club spin and that the RGJ’s article on HOA dues keeping the Country Club in the Black is indeed accurate. I would challenge his statement that the Club is not in bad financial state and not running at a loss without the revenue from the $15/month assessments on Somersett homeowners. If so, let the Country Club publish their 2012 income and expense balance sheet for all to see otherwise. But we are skirting the real issue here, and that is for the SOA Board to authorize assessments which result in $1.4 M going to the Club over the next three years without a vote of the homeowners as was done at D’Andrea. I know of no one who wants the Country Club to fail, only that Club members carry their own financial burden and not put it on the backs of homeowners, most of which probably have no interest in golf activities.

    3. I did a simple calculation to increase the golf course cash flow. To break even from last years loss, I took a hypothetical 46 new additional golfers golfing 365 days next year. Every golfer golfs every day. Charge them $40 for golf and cart and the total is $671,000 for the year. With driving range and sandwich sales at the trailers, the $685,000 The Reno Gazette reported you lost last year would be erased for 2012. Remember, these hypothetical 46 golfers would not golf during the winter months so the numbers have to increase more with aggressive recruiting.

      This simple exercise points out what a bad condition your cash flow is for the CC.

      It is silly for anyone to believe that with less than 1% membership you have, this golf course will survive.

      GO PUBLIC AND MANAGE IT LIKE LAKERIDGE. That is the only hope.

  3. I am a club member, SOA contibuter and home owner. The RGJ did get many facts wrong and the CC has been completely restructured since we have now been released from the handover constraints. Its now run by a Board of Directors and in 2012 has run in profit for the first two months. I have been very vocal with the club as I fit on both sides but I do continue to support it for our community and things are changing.

    We are offering good preview memberships at below current dues to build the membership and reduce the dues for all in the future but we are walking slowly and carefully to make sure all decisions make finanical sense.

    I am not at liberty to divulge financial info but please call the club and they will put you in touch with the correct person.

    Unfortunately communication appears to be not good in Somersett and the RGJ did get facts incorrect.

    As for Ex CC Member, you had your reasons for leaving and I was on the fence for a while but things are changing and if you don’t use your name its not worth a response.

  4. We don’t need to look far to see the impact of a golf course going brown. As we head down the hill into our beautiful community, take a peek to your right and look at the mess of sagebrush and weeds that used to be Northgate.
    Now, imagine driving into our community and seeing that same mess smack in the middle of it.
    That’s what we would be faced with if our golf course failed… along with plummeting home values and waning interest in people wanting to live here.
    Therefore, It’s in everyone’s best interest that we keep our course active and successful.
    I think the board has done its best in compensating homeowners with the use of the course, practice facilities and restaurant/lounge, especially with residents not having to pay a dime more in their HOA dues!
    I just don’t see your argument.. And to me, your group is doing nothing more than trying to create dissent among the people who call Somersett home.

    1. Hi Bill:
      I appreciate your reponse and agree, we live in a beautiful community. I definitely want the golf course to succeed and if given the opportunity to vote for my $15/mo to go to the SGCC, I would have said yes. But there is the rub. I was not given the opportunity to vote and hardly knew what was happening. I believe the issue is not centered around the SGCC but how the SOA does business, they lack transparency. Let’s look ahead to next year, suppose the SOA decided to spend $1 million dollars of your money (homeowners) on a venture that you would like a say in and they didn’t tell you about it and passed it without your vote. I know the golf course is emotional and no one I know wants it to close, the issue should have had the community support it deserves but the way it was handled precluded that. There will be many issues that need discussed, not just this one issue. My point is for a transparent SOA, a homeowner controlled board and issue transparency.

  5. I am a homeowner, country club member, and happy Somersetter. We have lived in three different homes in Somersett since we became the very first residents in 2002… and we still believe it’s the best place in Reno to live and raise a family. We have watched this community grow from a few little models surrounded by dirt to what it is today. Our beautiful golf course is an amenity that would be devastating to lose, not only for residents that enjoy the golf, but for all of us whose views overlook the course. If we think our homes have depreciated now, what would happen if the golf course became another Northgate eyesore?

    It seems many on this site claim it isn’t the SOA’s actual decision (to designate $15/month of dues) that is the problem, but the “lack of transparency” in their decision. Perhaps it wasn’t handled perfectly, but I would ask, how transparent are YOU being? Is this blog really about “uniting Somersett” and “promoting the well-being of the Somersett community”? Or do YOU have other motives? Knowing that many of you are ex-country club members, do you perhaps have an ax to grind? Are you angry that you quit the club and now the SOA has made a decision to partner with us?

    In the end, I believe the decision was a good one for Somersett. I’m disheartened by this blog and others that seem bent on dividing our community over a decision that ultimately strengthens it.

    1. Erin

      Just like you we love somersett.

      Firstly, ex country club members are now social members of SGC, they still live in our community and like us (we are not golfers) just as enthralled by our living environment. Speaking for ourselves we hope the Golf Club succeeds.

      You are correct in assuming that the subsidy/lease agreement was not handled perfectly. At issue, is that the “arrangement” is flawed in the sense that we will get nothing for the $4,000,000 + we ALL will contribute from our dues. An arrangement like this should allow the HOA to own the amenities being built for all of Somersett.

      Why do we say this, if the private golf course fails (most are in the USA) it reverts back to Blake Smith to develop as he pleases (see RGJ dated March 11, where he says that the subsidy will not save the golf course). We (you as well), the SOA will have frittered our money away. We are just don’t believe that the current “deal” makes any business sense.

      Our motive is to make sure that Somersett grows under homeowner control to provide the best possible, highest quality living conditions possible for the future, to ensure that our homeowner value grows.

      Whether we are ex-country club members, current club members, live in Sierra Canyon, The Villages or not; we believe that the Somersett Homeowners Association should provide value to all the residents, Lets face it, we all belong to Canyon 9, so we all live in a golfing community.

      We would like to believe that with homeowner control, transparency in making decisions to create the best community value, EVERYONE will enjoy living here even more!

      “in a false quarrel there is no true valor” William Shakespeare

  6. Who is Somersett United? Why are there no names attached in the “about us” ( section of this blog? Why are anonymous claims, statements and posts allowed?

    Each article — including SGCC Lease Analysis and SGCC Lease Agreement – as well as many of the personal attacks are posted in an anonymous manner. The entire Somersett United blog is anonymous. Why?

    It seems to me that if people truly care about Somersett, they would be willing to attach their name to their analysis and comment. While we may not always agree, we should be able to have a conversation without name calling and personal attacks. Some of the anonymous comments make personal attacks. Why? I don’t get it.

    That fact that this entire “Somersett United” blog is anonymous, for me, raises suspicion about the agenda.

    So, I ask: Who is “Somersett United”?

    1. The golf course issue is very emotional and reading some of the comments, here, makes me understand why the blog is anonymous. No one wants to receive personal ‘hate’ mail no matter what their side is and no one wants a personal atmosphere of ‘us vs them’. And, I think we all care about Somersett. I find this forum a great way to express opinions out in the open without personal attack. There appears, to me, to be no specific agenda just open conversation.
      I’m sorry you need names, I don’t find that particularly relevant.

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