Do Somersett SOA Fees Keep SGCC In The Black?

Raining MoneyOn March 13 the Sunday Business section of the RGJ published an article entitled “HOA fees keep Somersett golf in the black”, which became a subject of controversy within the Somersett community. To read the full article, please click on the following hyperlink:

HOA fees keep Somersett golf in the black, by Jason Hidalgo

In response to the RGJ Article, the following was submitted to the RGJ by Greg Raleigh:

In Somersett, it’s a win-win for all parties

In response to your article “In the rough: HOA fees keep Somersett in the black” [Business, March 13]:

You adequately covered the voice of a vocal minority here in the Somersett community. But given the impetus for the article, the closing of D’Andrea Golf Course, you missed one very important piece of this story: how creative problem solving between two entities within Somersett created a positive outcome for the entire Somersett community.

As an overall title for your article, instead of “In the rough,” I would have chosen “A tale of two golf communities” because, for Somersett and D’Andrea, it truly is the best of times and worst of times, respectively.

In D’Andrea’s case, the HOA is out of alignment with the owner of the golf club, and the net result is lose-lose. In contrast, Somersett’s experience is the opposite of D’Andrea’s.  In our case, the HOA and golf club aligned to create a positive strategy that benefits both entities. The golf club now has greater support from the community, while the residents have new access to the golf club with additional amenities on the way.

The net result is that, as a community, the entities within Somersett have created a win-win for all parties involved.

Greg Raleigh, PGA, Membership director, Somersett Golf & Country Club

Homeowner Reply:

The following reply to Mr. Raleigh’s letter was submitted by SD Kanyr:

As an active Somersett homeowner, I take exception to Mr. Raleigh’s letter.  SGCC with the support and/or assistance of Blake Smith came up with “creative problem solving” and a “positive strategy”. SOA homeowners were not consulted and were given little time to review the documents before they were rammed through the Board. At no time have SOA Board or Blake Smith admitted that these agreements subsidize SGCC loses. Read more?

One thought on “Do Somersett SOA Fees Keep SGCC In The Black?

  1. In the referenced RGJ article Blake Smith is quoted as saying “The golf course did not approach the association, we approached them” also, “…what I’m hearing from (its) president, they are cash flow positive”, implying all is well with the SGCC. So let me understand this, the SOA Board, on its own volition, approached the SGCC with an offer to give them $1.4 million dollars of homeowner money over the next three years in return for some questionable amenities, when they really didn’t need it (the money that is). However, the RGJ reported they had documents that showed the SGCC was $685K in the red for 2011. Other bloggers (I assume club members) say the club is not losing money, while others accuse Lease Agreement opponents of wanting the club to go “brown”. Wherein lies the truth?

    Also, Lease Agreement proponents like to tout that its only $15/month and there are no dues increase. That may be true for 2012 due to availability of surplus funds, but what about 2013 and beyond. Where will the $435,000 come from? More surplus funds, who can guarantee that? Perhaps a dues increase?

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