SOA Board of Directors Meeting

Town CenterThe Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 PM in the Loft. The agenda is available via log-in on the SOA website at   However, for those of you who may not be signed up to access the SOA website (we encourage all to do so), a reprint of the meeting agenda is available on our reference page and the link below.

April 12 BOD Meeting Agenda

We urge all to read the agenda and attend the meeting if at all possible.  There are many important items to be discussed and the more homeowner involvement in these meetings the better.  If you are so inclined to express your viewpoint or ask questions on any of the agenda items we would encourage you do so during the homeowner comments portion of the meeting.

Of particular interest are New Business items 7 a,b,c, pertaining to SOA Board control turnover and expansion to five members, as this will be a significant event affecting all Somersett homeowners. Also, items 7 e,f related  to filing a Complaint of Damages against Summit Engineering and Moana Nursery for the rock wall and irrigation system defects.  This action being done pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute NRS 116.31088 1(e), a copy of which is also available on our reference page and the link below.

NRS 116.31088

Other New Business Items include SOA attorney legal opinions relating to SGCC Agreement Validity and the TCTC Pool Solar Cover.  Whereas these opinions are available on the website, they have also been included on our reference page for viewing and the links below.

Legal Opinion SGCC Agreement Validity

Legal Opinion Solar Pool Cover