Country Club Reality Check

golf ball on lip(Submitted by Charnelle Wright)

Although it was thoughtful for one of our fellow homeowners to alert everyone in our community to the opening of the SunSett Grille at the Somersett County Club, we should be mindful that this restaurant is housed in a double-wide trailer / tent, upgraded using $75,000 of property owners money without the benefit of a vote by those property owners.  We firmly believe this was a disgrace and insult to the intelligent people who choose to live in this beautiful community.

During the early development of Somersett, Somersett Development Co., our developer, enticed 270 Homeowners to invest $25,000 to $45,000 each (approximately $10M) to become members of the Somersett Country Club promising them a decent building for their Club.  Instead, they were given a double-wide trailer and a tent and called that substandard structure a Country Club.  Nowhere else in Somersett or Reno or any other city would such a structure be allowed.  It is an embarrassment to the community.

Many members left their investment in the Country Club when the developer requested they  take control of the clubs mounting expenses, further adding to their already sizable investment.  The remaining 170 club members now refuse to face the reality that most private clubs throughout the country have had to face.  That is, they must go public to survive.  The only clubs that are currently succeeding, are those that have gone public and given up the concept of exclusivity.  With just 170 members, they have little to be exclusive about, least of all, the substandard building they call a Country Club, which as many fear, and if the current SOA Board has its way, a replacement may be built using additional SOA assessments .
Are you aware that the Country Club is using property owner’s funds to build a separate driving range so that the non-members won’t rub elbows with the exclusive 170 members?  We believe this is a travesty, abuse of power and a misuse of funds without input from the remaining 2311 other property owners.  Millions of property-owner dollars have been targeted in the so-called “Lease Agreement” with the Country Club to be used over the next ten years for so called “improvements” that should have first been put to a vote of all property owners.  Instead of giving that money away in a contract called a “Lease”, perhaps it could have been put to a better use as a trust fund to build a decent clubhouse in the future, or as a subsidy agreement to be repaid to the Homeowners Association at some point in time.  Without a vote of the property owners approving these actions, the resulting misuse of these funds, is a flagrant abuse of power and negates the concept of “Democracy” that we firmly believe in.