Smart Meter Update

Expansive Somersett

Posted by Carole Fineberg

Today was a pre- hearing conference where a schedule for future hearing as well as document submittal dates were announced. We now have the following dates in the schedule.  This is not official text from PUCN but only as I heard the announcement from Chairman Burtenshaw at the hearing today. The dates will not change, but there should be a fuller explanation of what will happen on each of these dates.  Specific times will be included when the full announcement comes out from the PUCN office.

Sept 11, 2012 – Testimony by PUCN and BCP staff due to be turned in to PUCN Office.

Sept 25, 2012 – Rebuttal by NVE to PUCN and BCP staff due to be turned in to PUCN Office

October 4-5, 2012 – Hearing for sworn testimony by BCP, NVE, PUCN and public comments

Today there were approximately 9 commenters from the north and about 15 from the south so there were excellent comments from both halves of the state.  All comments were salient, cogent points in opposition to any required fees associated with the NVE Opt-Out program proposed by NVE on May 2, 2012.

In today’s testimony from Nevada ratepayers, we not only saw a complete model of Nevada citizens, but a clear persona of a public that we have become as a nation of freedom loving Americans. From doctors to rocket scientists and from housewives to carpenters, citizens spoke out poignantly against any fees for opting out of having a smart meter.  It was enormously clear that this is not a partisan issue and that it permeates the very core and at all levels of the American cross section. All comments were delivered with prowess, with dignity and with diligence to fact and resource.

Thank you to all who testified and attended meetings in both halves of our state today.

More updates to follow or check for more information at

Mike Hazard

Las Vegas, NV

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