Somersett Resident Tee Times

Posted by Jim Haar

Every year I host friends who come to Reno for a golf outing and every year we have played the Somersett golf course, either when I was a member or through sponsorship of a member friend.  This year was to be no exception and I called to make a reservation via the Somersett resident $40 amenity.

I called a week in advance and to my surprise was informed residents could only make reservations three days in advance.  Upsetting, but what the hell, the kid was only following instructions.  I called three days in advance and requested a tee time in the 10:00 to 10:30 range and was advised an 11:40 tee time was available.  I objected somewhat and was then advised I could get one at 11:00 AM, which I took.  However, one has to wonder if the cooler morning times were being left open for Club members.

Given the amount of money the Somersett residents are contributing to the golf club via dues assessments, I suggest this is not the best way to treat them. Perhaps the SGCC BOD should revisit their tee time policy.