Somersett Resident Tee Times

Posted by Jim Haar

Every year I host friends who come to Reno for a golf outing and every year we have played the Somersett golf course, either when I was a member or through sponsorship of a member friend.  This year was to be no exception and I called to make a reservation via the Somersett resident $40 amenity.

I called a week in advance and to my surprise was informed residents could only make reservations three days in advance.  Upsetting, but what the hell, the kid was only following instructions.  I called three days in advance and requested a tee time in the 10:00 to 10:30 range and was advised an 11:40 tee time was available.  I objected somewhat and was then advised I could get one at 11:00 AM, which I took.  However, one has to wonder if the cooler morning times were being left open for Club members.

Given the amount of money the Somersett residents are contributing to the golf club via dues assessments, I suggest this is not the best way to treat them. Perhaps the SGCC BOD should revisit their tee time policy.

14 thoughts on “Somersett Resident Tee Times

  1. Did you consider equity members who are residence in somersett pay their SOA fees + their Country Club fees. Don’t you think there should be a consideration for the extra fees paid?

    1. I’m one of those residents (both a country club member and Somersett Homeowner) and no I don’t think I should get any special consideration for paying both. I also really don’t see it as paying both, as my HOA dues haven’t changed.

      I actually have something REAL to bitch about and haven’t taken it to the extreme that I see on here. i live in one of the gated communities here and have for almost 4 years. We pay an extra $57/month for gates to our little gated community, which either don’t work (as is the case for one of them) or aren’t there at all (as is the case for the other one). That’s over $2700 since moving here for something we don’t even have…

  2. And what would you have the SGCC BOD do, leave all mid morning tee times open until a Somersett HO calls for one? You have extremely unrealistic expectations!!!!

    Somersett Country club has over 250 members that pay monthly dues to the club above and beyond the SOA $15/month. In addition, the Country club books outside play to help with additional revenues while we continue to build our membership. I have been a member for almost four years and I can assure you that no tee times are being left open for club members. It’s just busy in the summer and mid morning tee times are not always just sitting open ready for someone to just call in and request them.

    I’m actually shocked that you expected to secure a tee time in such a short window (10-10:30) in the middle of the morning, in the middle of the summer, with three days notice, and that you received a tee time within a half hour (11:00) of your requested time and then found it necessary to write a complaint about it and suggest something underhanded at the club. Truly unbelievable….

    BTW, the $15/resident is not a “dues assessment”. Did your dues go up $15/month?

    Also, isn’t it great that your HOA has provided you with the ability to make tee times at the private country club in your community for you and your friends that you host every year, even though you are not a member of the Country Club?

    1. Barry,

      A little overreaction here! You apparently missed the thrust of my complaint, which was about the three day policy. I have played enough golf in my life to have no expectations as to what tee times will be available when one calls in. The key word is available. I got the impression they wanted to give me a later tee time when earlier ones were still available, hence my comment, was I wrong?

      BTW subsequent to my experience I have been made aware of another resident who called a week in advance, complained and was allowed to go ahead and book. Given this, consistency should prevail and I believe relaxing the three day advance policy would be good PR for the Country Club.

      Also, in response to BH, in light of their investment and membership fees, It should be obvious to all that Somersett residents are not entitled to the same considerations as the Country Club members. I know of no one who thinks otherwise.

      1. A couple comments… First, the kid probably just made a mistake and didn’t see that an earlier tee time is available. It happens all the time to full paying members (me included) as well as other member categories. I’m confident there was no conspiracy to offer anything other than what has been agreed to.

        Regarding the 3 days, verus 7 days or 10 days for different member (or non-member) status’s. It’s only fair that members that are paying $425/month (the old fee structure) or even $250-$270/month (a new fee structure) and spending over a thousand dollars at the club every month should get some benefit over someone able to play at the club through a relationship with the HOA. If you were still a member I’m sure you would want some advantage or amenity over non members. It’s only fair. 3 days is pretty reasonable

        I’m actually pretty impressed you were able to get an 11:00 tee time. I’ve run into situations where I’ve been told 1:30 or 2:00 if I waited until the last minute (within a day or two of my request)

    2. If we were not paying $15/mo for amenities that we were not allowed to vote on, our HOA fees would be $15/mo lower.

      1. since when are ALL the homeowners allowed to vote on each and every expenditure the BOD decides to make with money from HOA dues? It’s their job to make sure the community maintains a high level of amenities and remains vibrant and attractive to new potential homeowners as well as existing homeowners. I’ve owned a lot of homes in my years and have never seen HOA dues decreased. Be happy you now have new amenities that most people find attractive, even if not ALL people do.

      1. Jim and Barry

        Nevada CIC law expects the homeowner boards to allow the residents to vote on all major expenditures.
        I think that a $6 million + expenditure, leasing things that we may or not want/use but can never expect to own is a major expenditure!

        Lets see how many residents (who are not SGCC members) have used the :
        1) Resident Driving Range?
        2) The sundrenched Boccie Ball court?
        3) Tried their luck fishing?
        4) Enjoyed a drink or meal at the the Sunsette Grille?

        Lets hear from everyone on this…Lets all share our opinions

        WeLoveSomersett – a place to play and dine

  3. NRS 116 requires the vote by the homeowners in this situation. The structure as a lease was a scam to avoid homeowner scrutiny and vote.

    1. WELOVESOMERSETT – If you attend the SOA board meetings you’ll hear the usage reports for SGCC. So far the resident usage (does not include SGCC members) has gone up each month by quite a lot. From what I understand, SGCC must report usage to the SOA to prove usage. It appears many residents enjoy the additional amenities provided to usa t no additional monthy cost.

      1. We Love Reno

        We appreciate your efforts to inform ALL about resident useage of the new amenities. However, many is not very precise. I have not seen numbers published on the SOA website…I can tell you what has been published through June 30th:

        Resident Clubhouse (not Sierra Canyon) – 1533 Resident accounts
        (the “crown jewel” of our community) – 30,250
        (includes 628 guests)

        Resident Pool (Not Sierra Canyon) (466 guests) – 8,239

        Canyon 9 – 1479 (includes 313 guests and 450 PUBLIC players)
        All Somersett = 2239 Resident accounts

        New Resident Driving Range – ??

        Resident Bocche Ball Court – ??

        Resident Fishing – ??

        Why are not these numbers being provided by the SGCC for publication on the SOA site?
        Perhaps you can enlighten me…

        WeLoveSomersett –
        (for the beautiful Town Center, the two golf courses, swimming pools, hiking trails and Peavine Mountain ambience!)

      2. WELOVESOMERSETT – I don’t know why either party does or does not publish things on the SOA website. My comment was only that I’ve heard usage numbers at the board meetings. Your post on July 23 asked how many residents used various amenities. I’m sure the meeting minutes reflect the uses. I was only trying to clarify the point. Maybe it would be a good suggestion to bring up at the next board meeting asking for useage information to be posted to the webiste. I’m sure the board would agree that is a great idea.

  4. Hi We Love Reno

    One hears many things at meetings, but I have yet to hear a report from SGCC or see a communique telling us who is using the amenties. If you want to make “substantiated” comments concerning my legitimate questions, to which others as well, would like to have an answer – please, why dont you ask the SOA board to post exactly what ‘many’ users is on their web site.

    Also, there is nothing to stop the SOA board/transition team from posting information on the Somersett United site to answer my questions and provide information to help both of us inform our fellow residents, ALL of whom, I am sure wish to maintain our community as a great place to live.

    I believe that you will agree that the Somersett United blog does a much better job at informing ALL the residents as to what is going on in our community – and unlike the SOA Board/MelissaMail (and the SGCC to some extent) provides meaningful information. The developer controlled SOA board has been lacking in transparency, spending “oodles of “surpluss” cash” without consulting the homeowners and asking for a vote. It was indeed nice for a change, to get a communique from the SOA Board asking us to vote for suing Moana for the repair of a shoddily installed irrigation system and for legal fees. Greater clarity in the Maddox letter would have suggested the expectations of how much money we would recover, how much we would not recover and the legal costs so far and the expected future legal costs. The Somersett United blog site not only helped to clarify the Maddox letter, it stressed how important it was for all community residents to return their ballot.

    Another recent good example of helpful information was a posting concerning “transition” from a developer controlled board to a homeowner board. Why couldn’t this type of information be posted on the SOA site – we need to engage ALL of our community to embrace the inpending changes, so that we can move forward, spend our assessment monies wisely and live happily in our green and pleasent part of Reno.


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