The Poll is Now Closed

The poll associated with “How Would You Like To Spend Your SOA Money” has run its course over the week and is now closed.  Thanks to all who participated.  Here are some of the statistics/facts for your review:

293 responses voted for applying their money for other SOA endeavors

287 responses voted for the ‘subsidize the golf course’ option

Less than 30 % of all Somersett residents were polled and included in the initial email distribution.

53% of the voting came in from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning, the fourth day of the poll.

Thank you again for your participation.



5 thoughts on “The Poll is Now Closed

  1. I looked at the numbers just before the poll was closed and it appears as though over 70 votes were added to the 293 votes that weren’t there just before the person in control of the poll decided to close it. I also think that it was closed because the votes for “subsidize the golf course” were exceeding the “apply money towards other HOA endeavors” and continuing to grow fast…

  2. Good call, Barry. Pretty revealing “poll,” isn’t it?

    Anyone uncertain about the purpose of this “Occupy Somersett” website or the motives of the obsessed souls behind it need only review the poll and its’ course. The introductory sentences make all-too-obvious the intent of the exercise. Transparent bias in the wording of the options leaves no doubt which choice is the “bad” one. The poll, as you have pointed out, is then abruptly ended when it becomes clear the results will not give its’ authors what they wanted. Finally, they “spin” the numbers by reducing the original five options to two in an attempt to mask their inability to drum up enough votes to vindicate their prejudices.

    What inspiring integrity and intellectual honesty.

  3. Hi Ron and Barry

    When I looked at the July 9th posting – all the options available to vote on were listed.
    (why don’t you check all the facts before you issue contradictions)

    This includes swimmers and exercise fanatics who find the TCTC wanting – presumably none of the SC residents ( with the parkway entrance to the west lacking in grandeur) would vote to have some of the $84 (includes over $30 for Golf) they pay to be used for improving these options. After all their lodge has an indoor pool and a very large gym. Interestingly, Pulte dedicated this facility to SC “free of charge” – a contrast to the $4,ooo,oooo that Somersett Development requested that the rest of the grateful residents pay! Perhaps this was a better deal than the SGCC that inherited a golf course they don’t own and the monies supposedly contributed to build a club house worthy of our community have “been lost” due to a grandiose vision of golf course management by Somersett Development (over $6,000,000 at least) – perhaps the ex country club member can comment!

    Surprisingly, Somersetters don’t value their security…if funds were to be diverted from the reserves, or, returned to the homeowners, I would have thought that using some of them towards restoring security to at least the levels when we bought in 2005 would have provided a better use of our cash than a subsidy to keep the greens lush.

    Polls always make interesting reading, one gets a chance to “read the tea leaves ” . The Somersett United poll at least shows that there is some community sentiment in “helping the SGCC” . It would nice if the golfing part of the community would reach out to the nongolfers and make them feel wanted as fellow community residents, rather than a source of operating cash.

    The SGCC has to cut costs, go public in an attempt to survive. If we wanted to sell our house having it on a golf course is not going to enhance its value – our monthly dues are too high, too much golf and not enough security. Look at the number of recent break ins. Many do not wish to live in a community dependent on “neighborhood watches” for security. This is not what we expected for our monthly dues.

    WeLoveSomersett Where we can all be peaceful, secure and prosperous

    1. You missed the point. Yes all options were listed, but the numbers did not add up to those that were put on the blog after the poll was closed for the return of the $15 to the residents (the numbers were inflated with no way to verify).

      In any case, you just seem like a bitter person who can’t handle the reality of an economy gone bad. Country clubs throughout the country are cutting back on things like “grandiose club houses”. Were you a former SCC member who lost your $40k initiation fee and subsequently quit the club? I understand several of the people on this site are, which is why they continue to bash Somersett, Blake Smith and the Country Club. Just be glad you weren’t one of the residents at Lahontan who spent $175k for a VERY PRIVATE club for land owners only. The club now sells annual memberships to anyone for $10,000.

      And what’s all this crap about security? There are break ins anywhere people live. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life. If you’re so worried about security, install a security system and hire a service to monitor your home. Where in the CC&R’s does it say SHOA is responsible for your security?

      BTW, I find it interesting that the picture the moderator/founder of this web site chose to highlight above is a beautiful picture of our community with four holes of the community’s golf course right snap dab in the middle of it. I wonder what that picture would look like if the golf course looked like Northgate or D’Andrea?

      1. Hi Barry

        We keep on making our points, unfortunately you are not reading my comments carefully!

        Polls are always open to criticism, especially in the ways the questions were framed. According to the information printed in the RGJ, SGCC lost $685K in 2011. Hence a subsidy of $425K in 2012 does not really change the operating issues in the club. The club board have made excellent headway in reducing the operating costs – by around $300K+ – which including with the subsidy the SGCC will make something over $100K in 2013.

        I like to read the tea-leaves in polls and questionaires, and one can see that there are swimmers who would like year round opportunities in Somersett (one has exclude the Sierra Canyon folks as they already have an in-door pool). There are also folks who would be “happier” if our roving security was restored to the pre 2007 levels, which was paid for by the SOA for ALL the residents. At the moment they are only patrolling from 3 to 6 am (presumably they are ticketing your car when left on the street overnight!). Crime is up, break-ins are happening (most during the day).

        For some reason you think that I am “bitter” and should move out of Somersett…if we move – we would much prefer to stay in Somersett, as we know, when compared to other parts of the Reno/Sparks connurbation, this is easily the best place to be. I am glad that you do not want to build a grandiose club-house and you are aware of the predicament of private golf-courses. So you should practise outreach to ensure that ALL community residents are welcome to use the facilities. The irony is, that with exception of opening up the Sunsett Grille (is that used by non-residents as well? Is this just another restaurant option in Reno?), a new Bocche Ball court and the non-member driving range (for non-residents as well?) – our options to play golf (see Mr. Haar’s comment) and actual out of pocket costs are about the same as before the subsidy. Barry, please stop whining and threatening, try inclusion and love so that ALL will buy into your vision of an integrated golfing community (and thus want to pay for it).

        Once again, Somersett is a beautiful golfing community, the beautiful green fairways are pleasing to eye, and we are glad to be residents. We would just like to see some fair play so that ALL are welcome and included. Your comments sound exclusionary to residents who do not have the time to play golf, and may not want to. You have to give reasons so that ALL will want to support a private country club, not just take their money, providing little in return.


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