Somersett Parkway Entrance

Somersett Entrance

As you have probably noticed, work has begun on correcting the long awaited “Rock Wall” construction defect at the Parkway entrance to Somersett.  The SOA Board of Directors reached an agreement with Summit Engineering and Q&D Construction (which we assume to be the original Somersett Development Company subcontractors) to tear up the existing walkway through the area and build a catch basin (i.e., ditch) to catch the falling rocks.  This work will be performed at their own expense with no monetary payment to or from the SOA.  However, landscaping of the torn up sidewalk and catch basin areas will be the responsibility of the SOA and accomplished using SOA Homeowner funds.  Apparently $15K was allotted for this work under the 2012 Landscape Renovation account.  Looking at the torn up walkway and catch basin areas, one wonders if this will provide sufficient funding for the re-landscaping effort.

The temporary detour, which routed walkers around the area via the emergency access road terminating in the Whisper Rock Way residential area, will now become a permanent pathway.  Whereas this solution appears to be the most cost effective, was it the best alternative for the Somersett community?  Permanent routing of the walkway through the Whisper Rock Way gated community apparently has generated some on-going concerns with its residents.

It is Somersett United’s position that the SOA should not be subject to any of the costs associated with fixing this defect.  That is, all legal fees and corrective action costs should be the responsibility of the Somersett developer.