Somersett Parkway Entrance

Somersett Entrance

As you have probably noticed, work has begun on correcting the long awaited “Rock Wall” construction defect at the Parkway entrance to Somersett.  The SOA Board of Directors reached an agreement with Summit Engineering and Q&D Construction (which we assume to be the original Somersett Development Company subcontractors) to tear up the existing walkway through the area and build a catch basin (i.e., ditch) to catch the falling rocks.  This work will be performed at their own expense with no monetary payment to or from the SOA.  However, landscaping of the torn up sidewalk and catch basin areas will be the responsibility of the SOA and accomplished using SOA Homeowner funds.  Apparently $15K was allotted for this work under the 2012 Landscape Renovation account.  Looking at the torn up walkway and catch basin areas, one wonders if this will provide sufficient funding for the re-landscaping effort.

The temporary detour, which routed walkers around the area via the emergency access road terminating in the Whisper Rock Way residential area, will now become a permanent pathway.  Whereas this solution appears to be the most cost effective, was it the best alternative for the Somersett community?  Permanent routing of the walkway through the Whisper Rock Way gated community apparently has generated some on-going concerns with its residents.

It is Somersett United’s position that the SOA should not be subject to any of the costs associated with fixing this defect.  That is, all legal fees and corrective action costs should be the responsibility of the Somersett developer.

7 thoughts on “Somersett Parkway Entrance

  1. Rocks, walls and ledges – should they be fixed according the master plan and the Grand Vision?

    Surely the entrance should be restored to the thrill of the full dramatic grandeur we loved so much when we bought in 2005. Restoration without a sidewalk, takes away the chance to walk in through our beautiful Peavine gorge. Why would Somersett Development settle for less than they planned? Does this mean that all the problems with our primary community entrance have been succesfully passed onto our HOA?

  2. Without a doubt, it is the responsibility of the developer to correct the rock wall defects without any cost to the SOA. In addition, the work has ceased but the defects have not been eliminated. If you look carefully at the remaining hanging rocks on that wall, one small earthquake could send many dangling rocks tumbling and the catch basin does not appear to be wide enough to keep them from hitting vehicles. The proposed solution to route pedestrian traffic through a gated community is not a fair or good one. Those residents are paying for privacy and security at a high monthly rate and with the re-route, they are not getting what was promised them.

  3. Dont see how we can landscape that area continuously falling rocks the big boulders will gain momentum and roll right over the shoulder if anything there should be a wall to contain the debris. The Developer should be responsible for the cost it seems that he did not anticipate this problem having lived and build in this area I wonder if it was just plain carelessness.

  4. Cost effective solutuions are admirable, especially if homeowner money is involved. However in this case, I am not sure. I feel for the Whisper Rock Way residents, but suspect that most walkers will just use the road or walk along the ditch area anyway, thereby not only subjecting themselves to falling rocks, but vehicular traffic as well. I also suspect that the negotiated solution was based largely on what was best for the Developers pocketbook and not the Somersett community. Am I too cynical? Being a public road, perhaps the solution was in part driven by the city of Reno. Maybe someone on the SOA Board (I am sure they visit this website) can enlighten us as to how this all came about.

    1. Wanna bet no one checked with Reno Department of Public Works about this decision? The path was on SOA property, but the approval of the design of Somersett Parkway would have be predicated on some sort of pedestrian circulation being provided. This is required by Reno Street Standards guidelines. You could call “Reno Direct” and pose the question. or

      1. I heard the board specifically state that all permits were pulled and the design was approved by the City. Also, they stated they were not finished landscaping. They put a hold on finishing the work to make sure the design they approve does not look like the other side of the parkway. The DG looks bad and blows all over in the wind. They want to do something better. I appreciate the fact that they are taking their time to make sure it is done correctly. Did anyone notice the large rock that fell in to the ditch Monday after the rain? The ditch is working exactly as designed.

  5. I believe it is a “shameful” decision to not landscape the back road from Sommersett to the Freeway, (behind Del Webb). The entrance looks like a failed sub division and certainly does not improve the property values here. It was bad enough putting in the road, leaving it without landscaping is despicable. We pay our dues for landscaping like others in community.

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