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Submitted by Jim Haar

On August 24, the SGCC issued an “Open Letter to Somersett Residents” basically defending the “Lease and Management Agreement” that was entered into between the SGCC and SOA Board of Directors without homeowner approval.  An Agreement that has been challenged as ill written and illegal by many Somersett homeowners.  Most of the topics included in their letter have been discussed in previous Blogs. However, given its recent issuance, it is only appropriate that differing viewpoints are again presented.  In this regard, the following bulleted items address the contents of the SGCC letter: READ MORE

6 thoughts on “SGCC Open Letter Response

  1. SERIOUSLY???????

    Why do you continue to insist on distorting the truth and misleading other Somersett Community owners and residents????? Either reading comprehension was not one of your strong suits in school or you just plain can’t accept the facts and truth associated with the agreement between the SGCC and the SOA….

    I’ll address your bullets one by one…..

    * “where is the $435K that the SOA is giving to the SGCC this year being spent?”
    ==> As was stated in the letter, the SGCC spent over $200k improving the restaurant so residents can have a nice restaurant to go to within their community, adding a resident driving range, allocating space and building two Bocce Ball courts, and stocked the pond with fish to give residents a place to take their children to catch and release. And, the club has committed to spend an additional $100k on a putting course for the residents and their children to use, but to be maintained by the SGCC at their cost.

    * “but why is this even an issue if the SGCC is solvent without the homeowner assessments as many members claim”?
    ==> What’s the difference what financial condition the SGCC is in? The agreement between the SGCC and the SOA is balanced and provides many new amenities for Somersett residents. Maybe you don’t care about them, but there are over 2000 homes in Somersett today (and more and more looking at our community every week) and I can assure you many of them do. I was told a story the other day about a father that brought his son to the SGCC stocked pond to fish. He said he never saw him have so much fun as he was catching fish every two out of three casts…. I for one don’t really use the pool. Should I open a web site and complain, distort the truths and bitch about the cost to maintain it, or should I be happy that the community has such a beautiful place for people to go to and use even though I don’t use it? Maybe I should get a reduction in my monthly dues by $12.95/month (I don’t know where I came up with that number) since I don’t care about the pool FOR MYSELF?

    * Early Turnover of ownership….
    ACTUALLY, the developer was in a very tough financial position such that there were significant liens against the golf course due to bank loans that were in jeopardy. Rather than risk having the golf course taken over by the banks, he was able to negotiate the loans down to zero, hand over the course to the equity members unencumbered along with operating capital to cover losses for a significant period of time. The equity members decided it was in their best interest to take control of the course under these conditions. The golf course is not going to fail because there are a lot of smart and dedicated people that have taken control of it, so whether or not you want to believe it, there is no risk of the land and/or water rights reverting back to the developer.

    * “Considered various options for generating revenue but instead chose to work with the SOA board on an (should be ‘a”) homeowner assessment solution”
    ==> That’s NOT what the letter said!!!! The letter said that at the time the SGCC was considering the developers offer to turn the club over it considered other options, which had nothing to do with generating revenue.
    ==> Also, the homeowner assessments ($15/month) are only for a period of THREE years, with an option to extend them at the end of three years. If for some ODD reason the SGCC decided to pursue other options as you state the H/O assessments would not continue (certainly past three years from the agreements inception)….

    * “The SGCC letter implies that it openly shared its options with the community”
    ==> Residents are all welcome to attend SOA meetings where the agreements were discussed in an open forum…

    * The SGCC letter touts it has incurred costs in excess of $200k and fail to mention that these costs are being born via homeowners assessments”
    ==> WHAT? The whole point of the paragraph you are referring to is to point out that both the SGCC and the SOA (residents) are incurring costs to improve our community and offer/add additional amenities to Somersett as a whole. There was no implication direct or otherwise that ONLY the SGCC was incurring that $200k in costs….
    AND, I suppose for your $15/month you expect ownership rights to improvements? REALLY?

    * The SGCC continues to justify that access to these amenities are being provided “for no increase in their homeowners dues”, implying a free ride”
    ==> You can spin it any way you like, but all that has been pointed out is that the monthly dues homeowners are paying did not increase. The SOA was able to provide additional amenities to the homeowners and residents of Somersett with the existing dues structure. Hat’s off to the SOA!!!!!!!

    * “The SGCC states that they have 145 residents as equity owners, yet they “expect” the other 92% to offset their liabilities via homeowner assessments in return for amenities of questionable value”
    ==> First of all, the SGCC does not “Expect” the other 92% to “offset liabilities”. An agreement was entered into between the SGCC and the SOA to add additional amenities to our community through the SGCC. Whether you personally find them questionable is irrelevant. Many of the residents do find them of value. Well over 1500 meals have been sold to non members of the SGCC (someone apparently likes having access to the renovated restaurant). Over 500 bags of balls have been sold for the driving range (someone is taking advantage of a new amenity – show me another community that has a driving range for its residents). The fishing pond is a huge hit with the kids…

    * “The SGCC reports the cost to homeowners via assessments as being ~$3.7M over the 10 year period (if the SOA renews the following 7 years). This is based on 1) no growth in residents over the ten years and 2) no exercise of the “trigger point” option wherein additional assessments (up to $15/month) can be levied to support construction of a SGCC permanent clubhouse”.
    ==> There is no “trigger point”!!!! The SOA has the OPTION to participate in the building of the permanent clubhouse to provide ADDITIONAL amenities to the residents and if the SOA chooses to do so there will be additional funds allocated for that construction and the residents will get access to a private country club clubhouse IF the SOA chooses to exercise that option. That’s a whole lot of fuzzy math you use to come up with $6,000,000. The ONLY committed liability is the $1.3M for the first three years!!!

    * I’m not even going to waste my time writing your last point out!!! There is NO $6M commitment! Saying so is just inaccurate and wrong. And who are you to say that the money (NOT $6M) could have benefited a much broader base of residents? Did you take a poll? No one knocked on my door.

    The bottom line is that you are an ex SGCC member who decided to quit the club and for some reason is now bitter that the club and SOA have engaged to make our community better for EVERYONE. If you put as much energy into positive endeavors towards our community as you do towards bashing, twisting, distorting and exaggerating the agreement between the SOA and the SGCC, we’d all possibly live in a better and more friendly community….

    1. Way to go!! We need more people to stand up to these Somersett “United” people. I put that in quotes for obvious reasons. I wonder if they even bothered to take note of the amazing accomplishment that the Somersett Ladies Golf Association provided last month in their tournament that raised over 40,000 dollars for the Children’s Cancer fund. One more reason for all of us to not only support the club but to congratulate them on an awesome job

  2. Barry,

    I’m so thankful I didn’t buy there and have to put you in your place,
    (Btw—-canyon nine 2 for 1 golf open to poblic via living social website—are 2 for 1
    web deals going to be offered to public for the big course? —- oh, i forgot you were
    a private country club).

  3. While personal attacks are not very useful and get people to miss the point, the language of many of the Somersett United posts if very derogatory, insulting and very nearly personally targeted. There is some understanding of distrust and dislike for the developer but why this has transferred to attacks on the SG&CC and its members is difficult to understand.

    The SG&CC works toward making Somersett a better place to live for everyone. It is premised on a vision that the developer spent well over a half billion dollars on and when the economy decided to turn upside down the develop did as much as possible (at least from what I can see) to try to assure the vision continued. So while some SU members can complain that they were personally “cheated” or whatever by the develop, why not keep those challenges focused.

    The SG&CC has done nothing underhanded, has not initiated any legal liens on properties, and has done nothing to hamper property values. Mostly just the opposite.

  4. i just received a solicitation from somsersett for non equity membership april 2013 to mar 31 2014 for $175/mo full family with now to apr 2013 FREE

    SGCC is trying to sell yearly passes for extemely cheap, but also to regulate who plays the course (i would have to be approved for membership)

    they must realize that public won’t make it fanancially or with wife beater shirts out there playing

    with 2000 homes why can’t you fund this place yourself…drop the country club pretentiousness and appeal to the community to participate and fund OR go brown

    these yearly passes, non equity memberships and trial memberships are just kicking the can until the inevitable hits: go private with all sommersett residents and have them fund course OR lose the course to the developer and GO brown

    its really that simple

    all these endless letters citing irrelevant issues are a waste of time

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