2013 SOA Budget Update

Town Center

The August 2013 budget workshops for the General Common/Canyon 9, The Club at Town Center and the Private Gates/Streets assessment areas have been completed.  Special Project items that were considered are accessible via the following link: 2013 Budget Special Projects 8 18 12 (1).  These represent items that were submitted by homeowners and the SOA staff.  Numerous other items were also submitted, but were not considered because they were either: 1) outside the scope of SOA responsibility, 2) items that can be accomplished through regular operational expenses or 3) present an undesirable liability. Funding estimates were provided for some of the items, while others were TBD.

Revisions and recommendations from the August workshops will be presented to the SOA Board for consideration per the following schedule, with the final budget to be completed by September 28.

  • Tuesday, September 11, 4:30 – 6:00 pm General Common/Canyon Nine
  • Tuesday, September 18, 4:30 – 6:00 pm Club at Town Center
  • Tuesday, September 25, 4:30 – 600  pm Private Streets & Gates

All the above meetings will be held at the Loft. Homeowners are encouraged to attend and be part of the process and/or to voice their opinions.

Preliminary indications from the August workshops indicate that the Board is considering limiting the “Special Projects” budget significantly from 2012 and applying any surplus to the Reserve fund and/or Homeowner assessment credits, as should have been done in previous years. (See previous Blog article posted by Jim Haar, “SGCC Open Letter Response”). This is good news, perhaps homeowner feedback has been effective!

A suggestion from the Board President was to budget money (~$10K) for the new board to hire a “Consultant” to assess Somersett Community needs in the future.  Sounds like a good idea.  As previously noted, SU is of the opinion that the current SOA BOD has not always exercised good fiduciary responsibility to Homeowners  in their decision making  (e.g., Developer Subsidy Agreement, SGCC Lease Agreement, and Construction  Defect Litigation Fees, among others).  Perhaps a Consultant can appropriately assess what has been done in the past and what needs to be done in the future to assure that Homeowners are getting the “best bang for their buck” and not being over assessed for services

Next update will include results from the above referenced Budget meetings, which will in all probability reflect the “final” budget to be presented at the October 4th and 5th Homeowner Budget Presentation meetings and approved at the October 11 SOA Board meeting.

5 thoughts on “2013 SOA Budget Update

  1. I’m sorry to say,’ this blog seem to be a site for SGCC to promote the interest of the golf community and businesses, not that of the homeowners in Somersett and these interests don’t necessarily agree.

    1. You might be surprised to hear that there are plenty of homeowners who support the golf club even though they are not members of SGCC. It is really a shame that you people continue this unnecessary discord. AND to advise people not to buy in Somersett is certainly not conducive to the well-being of our community( an idea that you seem to like to say you are promoting). No response on the great job by the ladies of SGCC?
      I don’t even know how to golf but sure love the beauty of the course and all its benefits.

      1. If the SGCC takes money from the homeowners—give them fair value in rounds of golf in return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its that simple.
        You cannot remain a private country club taking other peoples money.
        It can be the somersett residents public golf course. But the country club members want their cake and eat it ,too. The solution is that simple. And for those residents that dont golf…they can sell their golf vouchers to other somersett residents on craigslist.
        Canyon nine is now PUBLIC–i was offered 2 for 1 on living social website.
        The country club has introductory memberships offered to me for NO money down —225/month or so—so its esentially public course.

      2. Anonymous

        By “you people” I assume you mean all Sommersett homeowners who have a problem, not with the SGCC itself, but with the way the SGCC Lease Agreement was conceived, written and implemented. I know of no one who wants the SGCC to “go brown” and as you state “not to buy in Sommersett”. These are unjust and gross overstatements, certainly not applicable to anyone I am acquainted with! As we all know, the current Somersett Board of Directors is controlled by the Developer, making some of their decisions suspect due to conflict of interest. The SOA Board is not infallible, and the fact that many homeowners disagree with some of their actions, does not mean that these disagreements do not have merit. This is up to individual homeowners to decide after assessing the pros and cons, opinions on which can be openly expressed via this website.

  2. I agree with Bob

    There was a recent blog discussing the post by Steve Oster of the SGCC and the poor value proffered to the community – it was lengthy, but all it just said was – give Somersett residents value for their $15/month – maybe 10 rounds of Golf at comparable prices we have to pay to use the Canyon 9 – that is $10/round, maybe for 18 holes $25 a round + cart fees would be fair. As the numbers break down, we have a lousy deal.

    Hello “Annoymous” I havent seen any posts saying that Somersett United wants to the Golf Course to go brown. The posts on the Golf Course seemed more concerned about “saving it”, proferring suggestions of perhaps winning future strategies and getting some value for the residents.


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