2013 SOA Draft Budget

The September 2013 budget meetings for the Common Area/Canyon 9, The Club at Town Center and the Private Gates & Streets assessment areas have been completed.  The proposed budgets for each of these areas may be accessed via the following link: SOA 2013 Draft Budget.pdf. The first three pages provide budget summaries, whereas the last five provide a more detailed breakdown.

Barring any last minute changes, these will in all probability reflect the “final” budgets to be presented at the October 4th (5:30 – 7:00 PM Aspen Lodge) and October 5th (5:30 – 7:00 PM The Loft) Homeowner Budget Presentation Meetings and subsequently approved at the October 11 SOA Board meeting.

SU encourages all to review the 2013 proposed budgets, and attend the Homeowner Budget presentations for an update on 2012 financials and an overview of the proposed 2013 budget items. Any concerns and/or questions relating to the 2013 budget can be raised at this time.

The 2013 budget for “Special Projects” has been significantly reduced from 2012 and amount to the following:

  • Common Area/Canyon9  –  $10,000
  • The Club at Town Center  –  $50,000
  • Private Streets & Gates  –  $15,000

Special Project items that made the short list are accessible via the following link: 2013 Special Projects.pdf.  The new Board of Directors will select which projects the above allocated monies will be spent on.

The proposed 2013 budget reflects the following decrease in monthly assessments:

  • Common Area/Canyon9 – $2
  • The Club at Town Center  –  $1
  • Active Gated Area  –  $8
  • Inactive Gated Area  –  $4

As a side note, the final ballot count regarding continuation of litigation against Moana Nursery for construction defects received the required number of yes votes to continue the litigation.  This apparently was the result of a significant number of yes votes received at the last minute from a Somersett home builder who still owns a large number of home sites.  Hopefully this will be accomplished within the $42K legal expense item included within the 2013 budget, and that the new board will also see fit to go after Somersett Development Company to recover all litigation costs paid for by association (i.e., homeowner) money.