Open Letter to Pat Gaskill

Posted by Charnelle Wright

Mr. Gaskill

Your accusations against Somersett United in your letter of October 24 to your
fellow club members are unfounded and untrue. Association members, including
those who belong to SGCC, can be better served if you would instead speak the
truth and stop spreading false rumors and accusations.

The SGCC misnamed Lease Agreement is nothing more than a subsidy. That is why
you don’t want to have it renegotiated or changed. The great majority of
association members never knew anything about it nor had a chance to supply any
input to it, much less to vote on it. It was done behind closed doors in
violation of NRS 116.31085(3). Only SGCC members had access to it. It clearly
benefits a small private interest group of lot owners (less than 140 out of
2,411) who happen to be equity members of the Golf Club. It is clear from your
concerns that without the subsidy payment, the Club is likely to fail. That is
why this Agreement was put in place without transparency and hidden from
association members other than those who are also Club members.
These tactics are currently under investigation by the Nevada Department of Real
Estate which, as you know, is the state agency governing homeowner
associations. If SGCC needs help from the association, why not admit it and
appeal to the assessment paying members at a duly called Somersett Owners
Association board meeting; and be ready to sit down with facts, figures, and
forecasts for our new board to develop a reasonable business plan that the
entire community can embrace. No one wants the course to go brown. It is how it
is to be kept green that is the issue. Slandering a group of concerned owners
serves no purpose.