Open Letter to Pat Gaskill

Posted by Charnelle Wright

Mr. Gaskill

Your accusations against Somersett United in your letter of October 24 to your
fellow club members are unfounded and untrue. Association members, including
those who belong to SGCC, can be better served if you would instead speak the
truth and stop spreading false rumors and accusations.

The SGCC misnamed Lease Agreement is nothing more than a subsidy. That is why
you don’t want to have it renegotiated or changed. The great majority of
association members never knew anything about it nor had a chance to supply any
input to it, much less to vote on it. It was done behind closed doors in
violation of NRS 116.31085(3). Only SGCC members had access to it. It clearly
benefits a small private interest group of lot owners (less than 140 out of
2,411) who happen to be equity members of the Golf Club. It is clear from your
concerns that without the subsidy payment, the Club is likely to fail. That is
why this Agreement was put in place without transparency and hidden from
association members other than those who are also Club members.
These tactics are currently under investigation by the Nevada Department of Real
Estate which, as you know, is the state agency governing homeowner
associations. If SGCC needs help from the association, why not admit it and
appeal to the assessment paying members at a duly called Somersett Owners
Association board meeting; and be ready to sit down with facts, figures, and
forecasts for our new board to develop a reasonable business plan that the
entire community can embrace. No one wants the course to go brown. It is how it
is to be kept green that is the issue. Slandering a group of concerned owners
serves no purpose.


5 thoughts on “Open Letter to Pat Gaskill

  1. Pat: I take offense at your statement regarding people that don’t agree with you as negative, accusatory and a ‘hassle factor’. I was at the Tuesday meeting and what I saw is born out by the video, the last 10-15 minutes. It showed country club members/supporters, yelling at the candidates, booing at answers they didn’t like and even telling a candidate to shutup. Is this how business is conducted? The candidates and non country club members sat with dignity, no booing, yelling or lecturing. Wasn’t this suppose to be ‘meet the candidate night’ not ‘you better not disagree with me night’. The yelling scared me to even walk into the parking lot alone. Therefore, I will not be voting for any countryclub members.

    1. Concerned in Somersett,

      As an equity member of the golf club I take offense to your FALSE accusations of “country club members/supporters yelling at the candidates, booing at answers they didn’t like and even telling a candidate to shut up”. It is no wonder your post is anonymous…

      I encourage you to review the video provided by the SOA as this should help you overcome any fears of club supporters. I was in attendance at the meeting and at no time did club supporters become aggressive. It is sad to see a community as great as Somersett become divided over these issues and this type of slander does nothing but intensify the situation. Rather than drawing a line in the sand and trying to encourage residents to pick a side you should spend some time watching families interact at the Somersett Community Park or see how children from different streets play together at the pool or kids club. I think there is a great lesson to be learned here. If you’re simply trying to paint a picture of club supporters as monsters that is completely within your rights, but just as all of us have been bored with the barrage of political accusations on the television over the last few months I hope your opinion falls on deaf ears as well.

      Somersett is a fantastic community. All of the wonderful amenities here are what drew my family to Somersett when we relocated to Nevada. At the time we did not intend to become golf club members, however we loved that the club was here and knew that it added value to our home and community. We decided to become equity members after living here almost one year when we realized what a great club it is for our family.

      It is very sad that a select few have become so unhappy in our community when the rest of us living here could not be any happier.

      Our hope is that Somersett remains as beautiful as it is today and with all of the wonderful amenities our community provides remaining intact. It is because of this beauty and community lifestyle that 2 years ago we chose Somersett to be our home over all of the other communities in the Reno area.

  2. The ignorance of some people Pat, Carol and lots more whom refer to anyone that belongs to Somersett United Group as “You People” is offensive and narrow minded. Somersett United has the Intrest of all Homeowners at Heart, it is not fair that the private Golf Course Members ( and they are dropping by numbers) expect the rest of the community to foot the Bill so they can keep their exclusive membership. Somersett United wants the Golfcourse to survive but there have to be changes that benefit the whole community. It seems that the Golf Course Members refuse to face the fact that they’ve been had by Blake Smith. All I can say is read the facts Guys !!!! You bought the Golfcourse from Blake but if it fails guess what “it goes back to Blake” to build Houses or whatever he chooses to do with the property. It would be beneficial to all the Homeowners in Somersett to unite and work on whats Best for our Community.


    While you are entitled to your views I think it is unfair for you to continue to mislead Somersett residents.

    Example one. You stated that the canyon nine service contract was done without competitive bids. This is a false hood and in fact over the last few years to bid has gone down. Good use of the SOA moneys.

    Example two. You stated that the agreement between the SOA and SSCC was done in secret. I know of 4 meetings held at various times to discuss the proposed agreement. Shame on you if you did not attend.

    You say you have no agenda but SU is an agenda and it does not necessarily serve all of Somersett.

  4. Mr Clark, you and I were apparently at different meetings. As you stated, I did review the video and the shouts to Jim Haar, a board candidate, who was trying to answer a question of ‘Shut-up, its not a question’ was indicative of the evening. Also, the man (a SGCC supporter) who stood up and lectured for almost ten minutes when the audience questions started (I timed him, he had more time than any candidate but was not stopped) on how bad Somersett United was, was inappropriate for the ‘Meet the Candidates” meeting. Mr. Haar made a statement about being lectured was not the purpose of this meeting, and it would be appropriate to limit time for each question to three minutes and also have them asked at one time. He was referring to several people yelling statements at one time, at the lady candidate(representing Geoffrey Brooks) at the end of the table. Melissa stood up and took charge of the meeting at that time. I was in a row of ladies who all shared the same opinion and left early. Like I said, we were apparently at a different meeting. I was there to get the candidates opinions, not listen to clapping for a comment that supported SGCC or outrageous lectures, and comments. Believe it or not, there are many more issues than the golf course.

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