SOA Committee Membership

Courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici
Courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici

The Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors is accepting names of homeowners who may have a desire to serve on the following Association Committees:

1.Community Standards Committee (Non-Compliance Committee)

Existing Committee charged with “the monitoring and execution of appropriate action concerning violations to the provisions of the Somersett Owners Association governing documents”.  The Charter for this Committee may be accessed via the following link:

SOA Community Standards Committee

 2.Communication Committee

Existing Committee whose original purpose was to “assist the Board and Management staff in getting information out to homeowners as well as gathering information from homeowners”.  The Charter for this Committee is under revision and not currently available.

3.Budget and Finance Committee

New Committee whose purpose is to “conduct financial analysis and reviews of the Associations financials on behalf of the Board of Directors to facilitate sound decision making through data reporting”.  The Charter for this Committee may be accessed via the following link.

SOA Finance Budget Committee

4.Strategic Planning Committee

New committee, the Charter for which is under construction and not currently available.  However, it is expected that the major role of this committee will be to assess the future needs of tha Association and make recommendations to the Board.


Items 3 and 4 above were addressed under  items 5 and 10 of the Transition Committee recommendations to the new Board.of Directors. The complete list of Transition Committee recommendations may be accessed via the following link.

SOA Transition Recommendations

Those interested in serving on any of the above Committees should contact the SOA Community Manager Melissa Ramsey via email at or telephone at 787-4500 x332.  Time is of the essence as the current Board will be assessing and selecting candidates in the very near future.

SOA/SDC Subsidy and Tolling Agreements

Somersett UnitedItem #2 in the Transition Committee’s recommendations (SOA Transition Recommendations) to the new Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) stated:

It is requested that the board review with legal counsel the subsidy agreement (Attachment A) and tolling agreements to assure they meet all NRS requirements and the SOA’s fiscal interest”.

SU welcomes this recommendation as it has long been our opinion that these Agreements were never in the best financial interests of the SOA, but rather benefited the Somersett Development Company (SDC).  It should be noted that they were entered into between the SDC and the SOA Board of Directors (BOD), which was then controlled by the SDC.

The Subsidy Agreement called for the SOA to reimburse the SDC $396K for maintenance, replacement and repair work to the SOA Common Area.  Most of which is associated with construction defects on the part of the SDC’s subcontractors.

The Tolling Agreements obligated the SOA to incur legal costs associated with litigation of claims against the SDC’s subcontractors for these defects (i.e., Parkway Entry Rock Wall and Mainline Irrigation System).  To date the SOA has spent approximately $100K in legal fees with more to come.

SU believes it unconscionable that the then SOA BOD entered into these Agreements, which will end up costing Somersett owners over $500K.  All such costs should have been borne by the SDC alone. Much has been said on this subject in past Blog articles and comments to no avail.  Hopefully the new BOD will seriously consider action against the SDC to recover these costs.

Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association

TogetherPosted by Joe Bower on behalf of Joe Morabito

Some of you may be aware that we have established the Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association, as a non-profit organization, to support performing arts schools in Northern Nevada and to provide scholarships to local talented students by sponsoring cultural events, which promote economic development and job creation in our community. Our goal is to turn Reno into a National Music Venue by holding a series of three day themed music festivals during our beautiful summer nights. We hope to begin this tradition in 2014. Once we are firmly established, we will look to Drama for our winter series. Whatever monies we generate from this venture will be used to support our mission. In addition, we have tied this concept to Big Brother Big Sisters so that we can involve kids at risk and just maybe discover a Star among them.

We are holding our first kick off fundraiser, themed The Beginning of Something Brilliant, on April 20th at The Grove 95 Foothill Road, Reno. Please plan to attend for a night of great food, fun and entertainment that will be provided by talented members of our community from Damonte Ranch High School, UNR and the Sierra School of Performing Arts, as well as, others. More details will follow in the months ahead. Our company, Paragon, will under write a substantial portion of this fundraiser; but naturally we welcome others that would like to join us in this new and exciting venture.

I am really pleased to announce the names of our Board Members that will be critical to the growth of SNPAA in the years ahead:

Joseph Morabito – President

Denise Hausauer – VP & Principal of Damonte Ranch High School

Performing Arts Magnet School for Washoe County

Ann Silver – VP & CEO of Big Brother Big Sisters

Benjamin Korn – VP & Director of Development UNR

Randy York – Vice President

Carole Fineberg – Treasurer

Judy Rounds Davis – Secretary

April 20th will be The Beginning of Something Brilliant for our city. I hope to see you at the Grove that night to establish what will become a wonderful tradition in our community.

P.S. Please feel free to pass this email on to your friends and neighbors. We can accommodate about 200 people at The Grove and we would like to fill the room.

Joe Morabito

January 8 BOD Meeting Report

Somersett Our Home
Somersett Our Home

Reference:  Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Election of BOD Officers:

Tony Fakonas – President

Ray Lee – Treasure

Curtis Chan – Secretary

David Hughes and Danielle Kirby – Vice Presidents.

Conflict of Interest:

BOD Responded to concerns regarding those Directors who are also Somersett Country Club owners (Approximately 20% of the SOA Budget are related to Country Club contracts/agreements).  Potential conflict of interests will be handled on a case by case basis.  That is, Directors have individual responsibility to disclose if a conflict of interest exists on any matter before them and to recuse themselves from voting as may be required under Nevada statutes.

Homeowner Committees:

  • Finance and Budget – New Committee, charter approved, homeowner membership TBD.
  • Strategic Planning – New Committee, charter and homeowner membership TBD.
  • Existing Communication, Transition, Election Oversight, and Community Standards Committees to continue as is until new memberships are determined.

All committees will have BOD member participation. Anyone interested in serving on an SOA Committee should submit an email to

Transition Committee Reports:

The Transition Committee submitted two documents the BOD: 1) a checklist and status of those items required by Nevada statutes upon transfer of association control from Developer to Homeowners, and 2) recommendations (non binding) for the new BOD to consider in moving forward.  These recommendations may be accessed via the following link.

SOA Transition Recommendations

Readers are encouraged to review these recommendations and provide comments on content (i.e., approval, disapproval and/or prioritization).

Sale of the 39 lots (Vue Subdivision) owned by the SOA:

The SOA acquired these lots after developer defaulted on monies owed to the SOA.  An offer of $390,000 was accepted by the BOD pending completion of due diligence on the part of the buyer. Per Ray Lee, this amount should make the SOA whole as regards lost revenue.

Homeowner Comments at Board Meeting:

  • Concern expressed over disposition of the $30,000 in surplus funds from gated community assessments, which was applied to the SOA General Fund.  BOD responded that although in the General Fund this surplus is accounted for separately and will only be used for gated community expenses.
  • Request for disposition on letter previously submitted regarding Somersett Development Company liability for the Rock Wall and Irrigation System litigation legal fees.  Complaint is that the SDC did not share equally in these fees.  BOD advised it will be reviewed and properly responded to.
  • Suggestion that the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee have a homeowner representative.  Committee is currently composed of non-homeowner professionals.  Disposition unknown.
  • Suggestion that non-golfing homeowners, who cannot take advantage of resident play via the SGCC Lease Agreement, be given transferable vouchers that can be given to family or friends.  BOD has appointed liaison members to the SCC (Tony Fakonas and Danielle Kirby), who will communicate with the SCC on this matter.
  • Request for disposition on letter previously submitted regarding the SGCC Lease Agreement Bocce Ball Court amenity.  Agreement called for provision of three courts by the SGCC for resident use, but only two were provided for.

January 8th Meeting Agenda

CommunityHope all our readers had a Happy Holiday Season!  The Somersett United Blog Site is looking forward to an active 2013 in reporting on and discussing issues affecting our community.

November 2012 saw the election of a new five member Board of Directors (BOD)  for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA)  This was a milestone event in that the SOA now has a BOD comprised of and controlled by unit owners as opposed to  the previous three person BOD controlled by the Developer (i.e. the Somersett Development Company).

The new BOD took office on January 1 and will be holding their first open BOD Meeting on Tuesday, January 8th at 5:30 PM in the “Loft” at Town Square.  All residents are encouraged to attend to meet your new BOD and provide any comments you may have on the agenda topics or other issues of concern.

The meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link: Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Property Rights Concern

Kitchie Snedigar Memo Edited and Submitted by Carole Fineberg

Hello Everyone,

I am so angry about what is happening to our property rights I can hardly stand it! I am sending you this information because it is vitally important for you to understand what is happening to your property rights at this very minute.

On January 7th at 6:30 PM at the Commission chambers on E 9th street Bldg A, is a Planning Commission meeting to make a decision on horse boarding. You must sacrifice some of your precious time to attend this meeting.

The most important thing you need to know is how it will affect your domestic well. (I do not mean water rights) You wouldn’t mind if Washoe County took one acre foot of your domestic well right, would you? And of course that would be without just compensation.

For those of you who live in the city “boundaries”, this affects you and every single action your City Council takes it is not benefiting you.

Right now many property owners in Palomino Valley are at odds with Washoe County Community Development Staff regarding Horse Boarding on 40 acre parcels and larger.

Bill Whitney the Director of Community Development will not allow anyone to board more than 20 horses, without a very expensive special use permit. That’s where he stands and he won’t budge off that number. Even Bonnie couldn’t get him to change. That would be Commissioner Bonnie Weber, whom we elected to protect us from the encroachment of regulations of our property by the County’s commercial interests.

How is it that staff overrules a County Commissioner (City Council)? For the last two years, I have been asking, “Where does your authority come from?” And I have yet to receive an answer! Well, I have discovered the answer and let me tell you, it is an absolute takings of your property rights, by staff, in order to meet the sustainability goals of ICLEI. [International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives – If you don’t know what ICLEI is, watch this video,]. Washoe County became an annual dues-paying member of ICLEI and uses your tax dollars to pay for the membership. Yo! That’s OK with you right?

Now that Washoe County is a dues-paying member of ICLEI (Commissioner Kitty Jung is the Contact Person for ICLEI), there is a contract between Washoe County and ICLEI which says in part that Staff has the ultimate authority. So every meeting, every opposition we have about the unreasonableness of their regulation is overruled by STAFF!

Back to horse boarding… Horse boarding is a distraction. The issue or the underlying nasty, sneaky thing that is going on here, is to regulate Palomino Valley as a RESIDENTIAL REGULATORY ZONE under the RESIDENTIAL GUIDELINES of the WASHOE COUNTY DEVELOPMENT CODE.

If WASHOE COUNTY is successful with this taking of our property rights, and Palomino Valley is deemed by STAFF to be a Residential Regulatory Zone, they will, in fact, take one acre foot of your domestic well rights. Never mind that the Legislature says we have 2 acre feet from our domestic wells, plans have been in place by Washoe County for quite some time and they are really pushing to sneak it into our area plan to do exactly that, take an acre foot you’re your vested domestic well rights.

No problem right? Just sit back and watch it go.

You see the City and County boundary lines are blurred because of regionalism. So since Reno and Sparks are in the same region within Washoe County they now have the ability to ship the water to Sparks and Reno because they are desperate for water.

Kitchie Snedigar