Property Rights Concern

Kitchie Snedigar Memo Edited and Submitted by Carole Fineberg

Hello Everyone,

I am so angry about what is happening to our property rights I can hardly stand it! I am sending you this information because it is vitally important for you to understand what is happening to your property rights at this very minute.

On January 7th at 6:30 PM at the Commission chambers on E 9th street Bldg A, is a Planning Commission meeting to make a decision on horse boarding. You must sacrifice some of your precious time to attend this meeting.

The most important thing you need to know is how it will affect your domestic well. (I do not mean water rights) You wouldn’t mind if Washoe County took one acre foot of your domestic well right, would you? And of course that would be without just compensation.

For those of you who live in the city “boundaries”, this affects you and every single action your City Council takes it is not benefiting you.

Right now many property owners in Palomino Valley are at odds with Washoe County Community Development Staff regarding Horse Boarding on 40 acre parcels and larger.

Bill Whitney the Director of Community Development will not allow anyone to board more than 20 horses, without a very expensive special use permit. That’s where he stands and he won’t budge off that number. Even Bonnie couldn’t get him to change. That would be Commissioner Bonnie Weber, whom we elected to protect us from the encroachment of regulations of our property by the County’s commercial interests.

How is it that staff overrules a County Commissioner (City Council)? For the last two years, I have been asking, “Where does your authority come from?” And I have yet to receive an answer! Well, I have discovered the answer and let me tell you, it is an absolute takings of your property rights, by staff, in order to meet the sustainability goals of ICLEI. [International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives – If you don’t know what ICLEI is, watch this video,]. Washoe County became an annual dues-paying member of ICLEI and uses your tax dollars to pay for the membership. Yo! That’s OK with you right?

Now that Washoe County is a dues-paying member of ICLEI (Commissioner Kitty Jung is the Contact Person for ICLEI), there is a contract between Washoe County and ICLEI which says in part that Staff has the ultimate authority. So every meeting, every opposition we have about the unreasonableness of their regulation is overruled by STAFF!

Back to horse boarding… Horse boarding is a distraction. The issue or the underlying nasty, sneaky thing that is going on here, is to regulate Palomino Valley as a RESIDENTIAL REGULATORY ZONE under the RESIDENTIAL GUIDELINES of the WASHOE COUNTY DEVELOPMENT CODE.

If WASHOE COUNTY is successful with this taking of our property rights, and Palomino Valley is deemed by STAFF to be a Residential Regulatory Zone, they will, in fact, take one acre foot of your domestic well rights. Never mind that the Legislature says we have 2 acre feet from our domestic wells, plans have been in place by Washoe County for quite some time and they are really pushing to sneak it into our area plan to do exactly that, take an acre foot you’re your vested domestic well rights.

No problem right? Just sit back and watch it go.

You see the City and County boundary lines are blurred because of regionalism. So since Reno and Sparks are in the same region within Washoe County they now have the ability to ship the water to Sparks and Reno because they are desperate for water.

Kitchie Snedigar

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