SOA Committee Membership

Courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici
Courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici

The Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors is accepting names of homeowners who may have a desire to serve on the following Association Committees:

1.Community Standards Committee (Non-Compliance Committee)

Existing Committee charged with “the monitoring and execution of appropriate action concerning violations to the provisions of the Somersett Owners Association governing documents”.  The Charter for this Committee may be accessed via the following link:

SOA Community Standards Committee

 2.Communication Committee

Existing Committee whose original purpose was to “assist the Board and Management staff in getting information out to homeowners as well as gathering information from homeowners”.  The Charter for this Committee is under revision and not currently available.

3.Budget and Finance Committee

New Committee whose purpose is to “conduct financial analysis and reviews of the Associations financials on behalf of the Board of Directors to facilitate sound decision making through data reporting”.  The Charter for this Committee may be accessed via the following link.

SOA Finance Budget Committee

4.Strategic Planning Committee

New committee, the Charter for which is under construction and not currently available.  However, it is expected that the major role of this committee will be to assess the future needs of tha Association and make recommendations to the Board.


Items 3 and 4 above were addressed under  items 5 and 10 of the Transition Committee recommendations to the new Board.of Directors. The complete list of Transition Committee recommendations may be accessed via the following link.

SOA Transition Recommendations

Those interested in serving on any of the above Committees should contact the SOA Community Manager Melissa Ramsey via email at or telephone at 787-4500 x332.  Time is of the essence as the current Board will be assessing and selecting candidates in the very near future.