Somersett West Park and Seventh Trailhead Update

The property for the Somersett West Park and Seventh Trailhead has now been deeded to the City of Reno by the Somersett Development Company (recorded on 03/26/2013). Under the Park Development Agreement, the City will construct the Park and Trailhead when sufficient new residential construction tax fees have been collected. As reported in the previous blog article on the Somersett West Park this will require approximately 900 building permits within the Park District that includes Somersett. Regarding Park design, the Park Development Agreement contains the following provision:

“In accordance with the Parks Agreement, Master Developer has submitted to the City and to the SOA and the City and the SOA have approved design drawings (“Designs and Specifications”) for the Seventh Trailhead and West Park. The Designs and Specifications have also been approved by the City’s Recreation and Parks Commission. The City will build the Seventh Trailhead and West Park substantially in conformance with those Designs and Specification plans and will be responsible for final designs: however, City shall have the right make reasonable modifications to the Designs and Specifications, so long as they are in the public interest.”

The approved design for the West Park is based around a “Community Garden” concept. However, many Somersett residents have expressed an alternate “Dog Park” concept. There are other opinions as well. Since it appears that significant time will pass before the City has the funds to proceed with construction, residents have time to influence the final design so that it best serves the” public interest”. Note that this will be a public park accessible by all, not just Somersett residents.

The newly formed SOA Strategic Planning Committee has recently included the Park concept as a discussion issue. SU encourages all residents to voice your opinions to this Committee, whose members are as follows:

Chuck Walker – Chair
Beverly McDowell – Vice Chair
John Hetz
Rob Morrison
Paula Leasure

Since individual or group contact information is not published on the Somersett website for Strategic Planning Committee members, one can submit comments via email to . Another option is to submit to the SOA Communication Committee at

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