The Future of Our Somersett Community

Submitted by Geoffrey Brooks

Mr. Brooks has submitted a Blog article on the future of Somersett.  In it he addresses the need to understand what kind of community we currently are, where we have been and where we need to go in the future.  His article makes some very interesting points and all are encouraged to access and read it in its entirety by clicking on the following link:

The Future of Our Somersett Community

Mr. Brooks welcomes comments on his article as well as the posting of your own ideas.

2 thoughts on “The Future of Our Somersett Community

  1. Could not agree more that SOA members should own SGCC since we are being assessed to keep it financially viable. The “amenities” are clearly not worth the cost, even for golfers. SOA should stop subsidizing the private SGCC, and buy the SGCC assets.

    1. The Future of Somersett…Whither? (Part 2)

      Thanks Gary for your comment. I have also had a few calls asking me to develop my comments, especially as to the future make-up of the community and what expectations I have to ensure that a vibrant community develops in the next decade.

      Surely the priority of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is to decide what kind of community we now are, who lives here what are their needs and aspirations. The future, there are still a 1000 plus homes to be built, so who will buy them, how will be they marketed? How will we attract people who are retiring, companies who are moving here and their employees and current Reno residents who want to move into a great community with well built modern homes?

      There are the survivors of the great recession, whose houses are still only valued at 50% of what they paid, how do we restore value to them?
      Unfortunately, many residents were devastated by the recession. They had to move from Reno for a new job or went into bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sales, losing their hard earned assets. Many of the homes have become rentals. There are owners who maintain their property as a vacation home, living and working elsewhere on a full time basis.

      Every year I fill in a form with Washoe County Tax Office asking whether I live here full time, part-time or rent out my property. I believe that the SPC and the SOA board should have information reflecting the makeup of the community – including the number of children living in a property, whether owner occupied or rented. This knowledge is invaluable for proper planning.

      Sierra Canyon – representing 40% of Somersett – is an autonomous 55+ community, centered around the Aspen Lodge, with a gym, pool and tennis courts. It presents planning challenges for the community as a whole going forward. I would prefer to pay my TCTC dues to the Aspen Lodge and use their facilities as I am a grizzled retiree. The activities at the Aspen Lodge are much more closely aligned with our needs, social activities, than the family and children oriented TCTC (as nice as it is).

      However, this is only one of the challenges for the SPC, the real dichotomy is how much do we all want to golf, how much do we want spend on golfing activities, how much do we want invest in new golf facilities…we are all paying $30/month for Golf, whether we Golf or not. Under the developer controlled SOA in 2012, $15 a month of our dues were paid to the SGCC for “access”. This should be changed to an option. When we bought here in 2006, SGCC golf was only an option. Many of us now believe that we were sold our houses by the Somersett realtor community under false pretenses. Our general association dues are already much higher than those of neighboring Coughlin Ranch.

      It would be nice to hear from the SPC as to some of their thoughts as to the future. A board member reported that real estate activity is up 35% in our zip-code. Why is this a surprise ? There are still over 1000 homes to built and sold!
      We would like to know from the SOA board their understanding of the new owners plans for the two privately owned town center buildings. What is happening to the memory care lots and who is buying the other lot (and why)? If the SOA have a plan, which requires this lot to be acquired for parking (or pickle-ball courts?), to expand the TCTC, build an indoor pool, this should be posted on our MySomersett web site. We should all (anyway 1500+ TCTC dues paying homeowners, not SC!) get a chance to make comments, and have a vote on how we will be spending the homeowners monies.

      If we want to be a true golfing community we should all get a chance to vote for it! It is indeed difficult to plan until the majority of residents have decided that we are a “golf-all-the way community” and an equitable solution/ arrangement reached with the private SGCC. The SOA already owns the Canyon 9 (and should own the driving range) which is operated as a public GC.

      Lets have a plan to market the community properly, for adults over 55 and retirees, families, working folk and resident golfers.


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