SGCC Informational Presentation Notice

Following is a copy of the Informational Presentation Notice sent by the SOA Community Manager to association members with email addresses on record.  We are publishing it here for those readers who may not have seen it.

“Dear (Resident),

When the new Homeowner controlled Board took office January 1, 2013, one of the items they tasked themselves with is the review of the Somersett Golf & Country Club Lease Agreement. Several of the Board members were specifically tasked with serving as liaisons with the Country Club. Discussions initially focused on improving the amenities to be built in 2013 have evolved to where the SOA may gain significant long term benefits.

Although a specific agreement has not yet been reached, members of the Board feel like negotiations have progressed to where the outlines of key terms are becoming clear. Before anything is finalized, the Board wishes to seek input and hear questions from homeowners regarding the agreements to ensure the best arrangement for members of the Association.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
5:30-7 pm
The Club at Town Center

Members of the Board will present the terms being discussed for approximately 30 minutes. Homeowners may then ask questions or raise ideas to be considered during the last hour. To ensure adequate time and input, we ask that each owner honor the 3 minute meeting order policy of the association when speaking. This session will be strictly for the exchange of information and the Board will not take any actions at this time.”

Association members are encouraged to attend this meeting and voice your opinions