A Big Chunk of Change

Fellow “Del Webb Reno” Owners:
I know a lot of you are unhappy that $15.00 of your monthly assessment paid to the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) of which you are a member is diverted to the private Somersett Golf and Country Club (SGCC) of which you may or may not be a member. I understand SGCC currently has 132 equity members.

Sierra Canyon’s 854 unit owners pay monthly assessments to Somersett.  Before long there will be an additional 375 owners as Sierra Canyon II comes on stream.

Now: $15 x 854 x 12 = $153,720 per year

Potential: $15 x 1,229 x 12 = $221,220 per year

Developer Pulte may build a total of 1,460 units which would equal $262,800 per year going to SGCC.
That’s a big chunk of change to send away from home for any cause!

Did you vote for this? What if your monthly assessment went down $15/month??? Are you a Club member? How many people in America would vote to support a private club they don’t belong to?

Did you know the SOA/SGCC Agreement gives SOA the “right to designate up to two (2) individuals who will be entitled to observe any and all meetings of the Board of Directors of SGCC.”

Do you know that the current two observers are also directors of the Somersett Owners Association?  How independent are they? Have you ever received any reports from them about what is going on with your money?

It should be noted that currently there are 2,446 assessment paying units for with a total of $404,280 going to SGCC. The Sierra Canyon $153,720 makes up 38% of the total SGCC receives. Has the time come for one of the observers to be a Sierra Canyon/Sierra Canyon II (Del Webb Reno) owner?

If you would like to be one of the observers, please contact the SOA board members by sending them an email ℅ Melissa Ramsey, Community Manager for Somersett at mramsey@mysomersett.com asking that an appointment be made and that you would like to be considered.

Thank you.

Joe Bower, Owner Sierra Canyon and Member Somersett Owners Association

Re-Plowing Old Ground

Submitted by Jim Haar

The following four comments will be presented at the June 5 BOD Meeting with regard to Agenda Items 7.d  “Review and approval of Country Club Committee and Charter” and 7.e “Discussion on alleged violations of NRS 116 regarding the Country Club Lease Agreement”. Concurring or opposing views welcome.

  1. Given that the alleged NRS violations are apparently still an unresolved issue, I suggest it is inappropriate for the Board of Directors and the proposed SGCC Committee to enter into discussions or agreements with the Country Club regarding the proposed Lease Agreement modifications.  That is, not until such time as the violation of law issues are resolved.
  2. Based on Mr. Kanyr’s recent Lease Agreement cost/benefit analysis, it is clear that entering into the Lease Agreement was not a wise decision.  An obvious conclusion being that the millions of association dollars being directed toward the Lease Agreement should have been more prudently applied to other endeavors or returned to the homeowners via reduced assessments.
  3. Based on the cost/benefit analysis, I suggest the Board strongly consider termination of the current Lease Agreement and apply the saved funds elsewhere. The same applies if it is shown that the alleged violations of law have merit.
  4. I recognize that there are those who support subsidizing the Country Club’s operating losses for fear that it could go “brown”, thereby having a negative effect on property values, which may or not be the case.  However, this is a moot point as I contend that nowhere in the SOA’s governing documents does the Board have the authority to undertake independent actions for the purpose of protecting property values, especially with private entities.   If the Board wants to modify the Governing documents to include some sort of community membership in the Country Club and assess homeowners accordingly, then they should do so in a legal manner and submit it to all association members for majority approval.

As for Country Club members, if they honestly believe the Lease Agreement is all about providing a “wonderful opportunity” for homeowners “to access Country Club facilities and amenities”, and that offsetting operating losses is not the case, then they lose nothing by its termination.   However, I believe most know what the Lease Agreement is truly about.

Lease Agreement Alleged NRS Violations


Agenda Item 7.e “Discussion of alleged violations of NRS 116 regarding the Country Club Lease Agreement” of the June 25 Board of Directors Meeting (see previous post) could be a very interesting one.  It has become known that a Complaint filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division Ombudsman has made its way to the Nevada Attorney General’s office for possible violation of law prosecution before the Nevada Commission on Common Interest Communities and Condominiums (NCCIC).  To date, no such filing before the NCCIC has occurred, so it is premature to speculate on the outcome.

In light of the above, SU suspects the referenced Board Meeting agenda item is to address this situation and what effect it may have of future dealings with the Country Club. Perhaps this is also related to Agenda Item 7.d “Review and approval of a Country Club Committee and Charter”.

It is possible these Agenda Items are unrelated to the Complaint before the Attorney General’s office, but given the controversial nature of the Lease Agreement and its impact on the community, SU believes it important to attend the Meeting, listen to what is said and voice your opinions/concerns.

June 25 BOD Meeting

The Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding their open Board meeting on Tuesday, June 25th at 5:30 PM in the Loft.  For those interested in attending, the meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

June 25 BOD Meeting Agenda

It appears that some of the controversy surrounding the legality of the Country Club lease Agreement is raising its head again as two of the New Business Agenda Items are as follows:

  1. Review and Approval of a Country Club Committee and Charter
  2. Discussion of alleged violations of NRS 116 regarding the Country Club Lease Agreement

All residents are encouraged to attend and provide any comments you may have on the agenda topics, other issues of concern or simply to watch the BOD in action.