New link to ‘$107 Bucket of Balls’

The full REreno article referenced in the previous Blog submitted by Susan Chotiner is available on the SU website in .pdf format and may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

The $107 Bucket of Balls

Posted on Sumersett United with permission of the author.

4 thoughts on “New link to ‘$107 Bucket of Balls’

  1. I live in Del Webb. We pay HOA dues to both DW and to Somersett. Our Somersett dues are more each month than the DW dues, yet we really don’t get anything for them as we can’t use the most of the amenities at Somersett. I wish the board thought of us as part of the community rather than as an additional source of revenue.

  2. Actually, Somersett United was started march 2012 and to date has over 40,000 hits. It also has a few hundred followers, most appreciate the blog and the candid opinions of its bloggers, there are the facts. So, the opinions that the home owners should have the right to vote on where their own money is going, the $15/month going to the golf club, is the issue and shared by many. The home owners were not given that right! And the ‘few disgruntled ex-country club members’, Mr. Lazlow keeps referring to, ridiculous, which actually numbers in the 100′s including the State Attorney Generals Office, demand the right of a vote. That is the issue. That is what should happen. Then and only then, when the vote is taken, will the issue be resolved, for or against and everybody will live by it. The stats on the blog support this opinion, sorry Barry, where do your stats come from? You don’t need to answer, SU knows where they come from.

    1. Hello Linda,

      I am a Sierra Canyon owner like you. Sierra Canyon is a sub-association within the master Somersett association. There are two other subs.

      In every HOA where there is a master and a sub(s), the sub owners help pay for some community-wide “things,” common area landscaping in particular. Landscaping is always one of the biggest expenses in an HOA. Subs paying is justified by our seeing and enjoying landscaping throughout the community. In this case, SC owners enter and exit from Verdi and usually don’t drive through the six roundabouts in Somersett. But we are stuck – until/unless we can figure out how to secede from Somersett. That would be very hard to do and definitely not possible while our developer, Pulte, controls our board (another whole issue).

      Just think what would happen to the private Golf Club if the cumulative $15 dollars of our dues to Somersett wasn’t diverted to it. Whatever the annual amount, we pay 35% of it.

      Do you know that Sierra Canyon signed a 20-year maintenance agreement for Somersett to maintain the landscaped middle and sides of Del Webb Parkway East and Somersett Ridge Parkway? Part of our dues going to Somersett helps pay for that. In my opinion, we do not get our money’s worth and could have a better job done if we were in charge because we then could tell the landscaper what to do. Just look at the trees! Many are dead or dying. We get the mow-blow-go treatment on the sides of the sidewalk.

      There are many things that need attention. Weeding for one. The overall appearance of our portion of the parkway is like black & white TV while Somersett is color. The reason why Somersett harangued Sierra Canyon to sign the agreement was because they wanted the same “look” from the Goddard School entrance to the Verdi exit. Go figure.

      Our dues to Somersett do not include any money for their “lodge,” The Club at Town Center complex. That is the reason we can’t use it. Vice versa the Somersett owners don’t pay any money towards our Lodge, so they can’t use it.

      Pulte built and gave our Lodge to us with no mortgage attached. Somersett owners received TCTC with a huge mortgage from their developer, Blake Smith. I don’t know if any portion of our dues to Somersett goes towards paying off the TCTC mortgage as does the Somersett owners. I hope not.

      If you like to talk about this kind of stuff, look me up in the Sierra Canyon Resident Directory (Somersett doesn’t have one for their owners), give me a call, and we can meet for a chat (breakfast, lunch, afternoon wine – your choice).

  3. Joe

    You didnt explain 1 thing clearly to Linda

    The Canyon 9, it is actually being bought from Somersett Development (since 2006) by all Somersett residents. Roughly $15 a month of your dues go to pay for it ($3 paying for a 30 year mortgage and water rights) and $12 a month for its maintenance.

    The Canyon 9 is owned by all the current homeowners and the builders building lots (and future homeowners). It is a Public Golf Course so anyone can play, residents pay less per round.

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