REreno July 8 Blog post concerning the SGCC/SOA arrangement

golf ballsPosted by Susan Chotiner

I read an interesting blog post on REreno  concerning the  Somersett Country Club arrangement with the SOA, entitled ‘The $107 Bucket of Balls’. Click on REreno to read it yourself.  It is nice to see other opinions.

2 thoughts on “REreno July 8 Blog post concerning the SGCC/SOA arrangement

  1. I looked up the wiki definition of a it is: one who hangs onto another for personal gain without providing any significant benefits. You be the judge..

  2. It is interesting to follow the dialog on the REreno website directed to the “The $107 Bucket of Balls” article. In it, Barry Lazlow (the SGCC member apparently still addicted to the Kool-Aid) continues on his quest to create the impression that Somersett United contributors and Lease Agreement opponents are simply a “handful of disgruntled ex-SGCC members”. Let me set Mr. Lazlo straight on this. Somersett United counts numerous homeowners as members of a loosely knit group of advisors and/or contributors, only three of which are ex-Country Club members. In addition to these are hundreds of Somersett United “Join-Us” and “Followers”, a vast number of whom support SU’s position regarding the current Lease Agreement. In addition, Mr. Lazlo’s contention that the $107 analysis was performed by an ex-Country Club member is also erroneous.

    So Barry, you need to “wake up and smell the roses”.

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