Baseball, Music and Memories

aces_main_logo-1 The Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association (SNPAA) invites you to attend an “Evening of Baseball, Music and Memories” at the Reno Aces Stadium on August 24.  This fundraising event supports performing arts schools and scholarships for talented young people in our community, or as Carole Fineberg (SNPAA Board of Directors) states: “We are endeavoring to bring summertime, open air music festivals to the Aces Stadium field, making Reno a music festival destination.  The proceeds will benefit local young performing artists with scholarships.  We see this as a project that will generate interest in our area, jobs, tourism and help the Stadium be used on off-nights.  It’s a huge endeavor, but one which we believe we can accomplish with your help.

Please access the attached flyer Baseball, Music and Memories for details on a delightful evening including dinner on the private Terrace level and a great Aces baseball game against the Salt Lake City Bees.  You may also sign up via the SNPAA website at

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