The VUE at Somersett

The 39 VUE subdivision lots that were acquired by the SOA via an assessment default foreclosure process were sold to Florsheim Homes for $390,000.  Proposed architectural plans, which will utilize the existing finished lots, for home sites have been completed and submitted to the Reno Community Development Department for review and approval. The submittal constitutes a “Condition Amendment” request to that originally approved for this subdivision in 2004.  The original development plan called for a mix of detached single family homes and attached single family “duets”. Florsheim’s architectural plans call for detached single family homes only, citing current market trends.  Three floor plans ranging from 1285 to 1831 square feet with three separate front elevations are proposed.

The Reno City Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing for consideration of this request on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.  The hearing will take place in the City Council Chambers, Reno City Hall, 1 East First Street starting at 6:00 PM.  If you have any comments on this proposal feel free to contact Bill Gall of the Community Development Department at 334-2028 or email at  Concerned Somersett residents are encouraged to attend the hearing.  The full Condition Amendment and Staff Reports are available for review at under the Business & Development/Community Development tabs, Reference LDC13-00063 (Somersett Village 5B Condition Amendment).

Typical street scenes for the proposed units and the affected 39 VUE lots may be viewed by accessing the following link:  The VUE at Somersett.

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