Somersett West Park Acquisition

Posted by Jim Haar

West ParkFollowing is a copy of a letter to the SOA Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Committee.  It was written pursuant to a Reno Parks Department Report to the Reno City Council regarding “Park Maintenance Standards and Operations”.  Based upon the content of this report, I am suggesting that pursuing acquisition of the yet to be constructed Somersett West Park from the City for SOA amenity expansion purposes is a far better choice (i.e., as regards both site attributes and acquisition costs) than purchasing land from the SGCC as currently proposed by the BOD under a re-negotiated Lease Agreement.  There is also the issue of purchasing the land adjacent to The Club at Town Center, which was proposed and budgeted ($200K) by the previous BOD.  Is this still an option?  The current BOD has been relatively silent on this issue.

Click on Park Standards (2) for the full content of the Parks Department Report.  To view horizontally, select “View/Rotate View/Clockwise” from .pdf menu bar or right click on the page and select rotate.

To:  SOA BOD members

Strategic Planning Committee

I am attaching a copy of a Parks and Recreation Department Park Standards PPT presentation at the September 25th Reno Council meeting.  It is interesting because it makes the following points:

  1.       Status:   Park System in unsustainable at current resource levels.
  2.       Options:  Park Inventory – Transfer limited use parks to others – Repurpose sites with limited use, near other parks or other special circumstances.
  3.      Options:  Future Development – Change development & maintenance requirements in Planned Unit Developments.
  4.      Staff Recommendations:  Short Term – Transfer specific site maintenance or ownership – HOA’s

The message here is obvious: 1) the Somersett West Park construction will not happen anytime soon, if ever and 2) transfer of ownership of the Somersett West Park from Parks and Recreation to the SOA is an achievable alternative.

It should be clear to all that the Somersett West Park parcel is a much more desirable (and less costly) site for future SOA expansion than the proposed acquisition of SGCC land under a renegotiated “Lease Agreement”. Therefore, I suggest that the BOD redirect their efforts in this regard, or at least proceed along a parallel path.  Especially given that a new agreement with the SGCC has no guarantee of homeowner approval.

A BOD response to this email would be appreciated.

Jim Haar

Association Member

4 thoughts on “Somersett West Park Acquisition

  1. I would expect nothing less from you, since your sole purpose in life is to thwart anything that might even smell like it could be good for the SGCC, even if it might make perfect sense for the SOA (I’m not saying it does, but that would not be part of your reasoning if it happened to be the case).

    If I remember correctly you were not a big proponent of the Somersett West Park. Now all of a sudden you’re suggesting the SOA purchase the park “instead” of land from the SGCC. How convenient is that? Really?

  2. The Somersett PUD called for the construction of two parks within Somersett: 1) The Somersett East Park by The Club at Town Center (already in use) and 2) The Somersett West Park (yet to be constructed) located in Village 5 near the Fire Station. Both to be public parks on land deeded to the City by the Developer and co- maintained by the SOA.

    Previous SU Blogs regarding Park status and usage have been posted on this website. These may be found in the Website archives as follows:

    Somersett West Park (February 11, 2013)
    Somersett West Park Poll (March 4, 2013)
    Somersett West Park and Seventh Trailhead (March 21, 2013)

  3. Barry

    I did not know that the SGCC land was available for purchase (presumably to build amenities), if bought by the SOA.

    Whay is the value of a golf course?

    One can buy two golf courses at Arrowcreek, plus a club house (very nice) for just over $4,000,000. So what is golf course land worth ? Arrowcreek covers a 150 acres – thus, each acre is valued at $27,000. The question is will the SGCC be prepared to sell at the “going rate”?

    The option of re-acquiring the 7.5 acre west park at no cost from the City of Reno as suggested by Jim Haar makes sense. The SOA should be able to construct amenities there to meet community needs.

    The above numbers represent some readily available metrics to allow all the homeowners to make value judgments.

    Geoffrey Brooks

    1. Geoffrey – In the SGCC’s 2012 IRS Filing, they listed a “book value” of $3,824,047 for the SGCC land. How this relates to the current market value, I do not know. However, seeing the $4M price tag for the Arrowcreek properties, I doubt the SGCC land has a market value anywhere close to the “book value”. There is also the issue that whoever owns the SGCC, if it ceases to operate as a country club for 24 months, all land and water rights revert back to the Developer (Blake Smith) at no charge. I suspect this would not be acceptable to any potential buyer, SOA or otherwise.

      I assume that any SGCC land purchase considerations will be addressed in the renegotiated “Agreement” homeowners will be voting on. Also, that there will be full disclosure of the SGCC’s financials and membership status. That is, from 2010 when it was turned over to the equity members by the Developer, to the present. This is essential in making an informed decision on the merits of any new agreement, and whether or not the proposed benefits outweigh associated cost and risk factors.

      Barry – You do not remember correctly, I have always been a proponent of the Somersett West Park. But then again I have come to expect no less from your accusatory and vitriolic comments. Suggest you chill out, let the new agreement vote process move forward and promote its passage in a more positive manner. Not sure your current approach serves the SGCC well.

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