A Happy Somersett Resident

Posted by Geoffrey Brooks

Pat Gaskill, President of the SGCC, in a letter  dated October 25, to the community concerning  the board election, says that “the biggest threat to the Somersett Community is happy residents not speaking out and taking action”…

As a “happy Somersett resident” I have spoken out and taken action. I have attended board meetings, attended committee meetings, written to the board on various matters in an effort make matters better for all. I am not alone, as other “happy residents” have done likewise. As I have critiqued the current SGCC/SOA lease agreement, I am considered to be “disgruntled”. It seems that only happy residents in Somersett love golf and support a private country club; if not one should move out. The implication was by not supporting a private club all our property values will fall! (NOT TRUE).

At the last board meeting a commentary was made by a resident on the D’Andrea Golf Club “No” vote being due to a disgruntled minority. However, much was left out.

What were the results? 1400 residents were eligible, 200 residents voted YES to pay an extra $28/month, 762 voted NO. . I don’t believe that one can describe 80% of the voters as a “disgruntled minority”.

The owners of the private D’Andrea Golf Club, made a tremendous effort to try to persuade the homebuilders ( Lenar & other builders) and the residents into supporting their cause; providing detailed financial information on the costs associated with owning and running a Golf Course. They explained why this would be a good deal for the residents, listing all the benefits that they would enjoy.

It should be noted that the “lease” between the SGCC and the previous SOA board was cooked up without any consultation with the owners, with no discussion of the financial issues. There were no resident surveys (we now have just concluded one) to show whether the things leased were wanted by the community at large. I thought from a business perspective that it was a terrible deal. There was no guarantee that if private golf course failed, it would remain as open community space (a goal expressed by Tony Fakonas, Board President).

In the case of D’Andrea, the ordinary residents overwhelming voted no on subsidizing a privately owned golf club, a rich persons hobby. Why would each resident give $336 a year to a money losing proposition, where they would gain only minimal rights.

Soon, we were told, there will be community wide presentations on the new Golf agreement, changes to the CCR&R’s, prior to having a community vote. (as stipulated to the Attorney General’s office). This event will occur regardless of who is on the board or elected.

We have 5 candidates for office – we should elect officers who are familiar with the “Workings of Somersett.” It is a time consuming job. We need officers who can apply the appropriate management skills, enable efficiencies that will ultimately lead to lower homeowner dues. Please carefully read all the candidate bios and election information before voting.

SOA Board of Director Candidates

As most Somersett Homeowners are probably aware, there are five candidates for the two open Board of Director positions for which you will soon be receiving ballots.  Ballots must be submitted by November 19, they will be counted at the November 20 annual homeowner meeting whereupon the two successful candidates will immediately take office.  The five candidates are identified below, all of whom have submitted their candidate statements, now available on the mysomersett.com website and to be included with the ballot mailings.  For those of you who do not access the mysomersett.com website, these statements may be viewed herein by clicking on their name.

Alexander (Joe) Fadrowsky

Chris Huff

Steven (Dan) Kanyr

Danielle Kirby

Steven (Steve) R. Myerson

Two “Meet the Candidate” nights were held, wherein the candidates responded to fixed questions prepared by the Election Committee as well as questions from attending Homeowners.  For those of you who did not attend these meetings, The following U-Tube videos of each meeting are available for viewing as follows:

October 20 Candidate Night video at the Club at Town Center:


October 21 Candidate Night Video at the Aspen Lodge:


 The fixed questions prepared by the Election Committee (not completely evident in the videos) may be accessed via the following link:  Candidate Questions

All homeowners are encouraged to access the above links, evaluate candidate statements, experience, qualifications, discuss with others, and make up your own mind on who you believe best qualified to represent you and the overall interests of Somersett Homeowners on the Board of Directors.  Being a Board member is not a “walk in the park”, rather it requires the dedication, time and professional skills necessary to run and oversee a five million dollar (2014 Budget) operation.

Candidates who may wish to have a more lengthy biography, statement of qualifications and/or interest to serve posted on this website may do so by sending your statement to somersettunited@gmail.com.

October 22 BOD Meeting

Somersett Town Center
Somersett Town Center

The Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding their open Board meeting on Tuesday, October 22nd at 5:30 PM in the Loft.  For those interested in attending, the meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:  October 22 BOD Meeting Agenda

Of particular interest are the following Agenda items – SU comments follow:

Item 6 a)  “Moana Ch. 40 Status” – Ongoing litigation against Moana Nursery regarding main line irrigation system construction defects.

Item 6 b) “Review and Discussion of SGCC Stipulation with NRED” – Possibly an update on negotiations with the SGCC regarding the new agreement to be voted on by homeowners.  At the September BOD meeting, the BOD President stated he hoped to have a finalized agreement in place for the October BOD meeting.

Item 7 d) “Review and Approval of 2014 budget including special projects” – Always of interest.  Budget summary may be accessed via the following link:  2014 Budget Presentation

Item 7 e) “Review and Approval of the updated 2014 Reserve Studies for each cost center” – Should include an update on litigation against the Developer for underfunding of Reserves, the most blatant attributed to the TCTC.  See Item 7 f) below.

Item 7 f) “Review and Approval of the transfer of $200,000 to reserves for TCTC – This represents special project money originally budgeted for purchase of land adjacent to the TCTC.

Item 7 l) “Discussion of alleged violations of NRS 116 regarding the Country Club Lease Agreement” – Most likely pertains to a homeowner letter to the BOD alleging it is their fiduciary responsibility to terminate the existing Lease Agreement until replaced and ratified by homeowner vote.  Homeowner letter was previously posted on this website and may be accessed via the following link:  SGCC Lease Agreement Termination Letter.

Regarding Item 7 l), the BOD president has stated that a YES vote on a new agreement will supersede the existing Lease Agreement, whereas a NO vote will not terminate it. Many do not see the logic in this approach. Especially being that the new agreement is supposed to be more beneficial than the existing one, one which the Nevada Attorney General’s office has determined to be illegal. The referenced letter identifies that per Nevada law the BOD has the authority to terminate the current agreement (without recourse) if so desired.

Homeowners are encouraged to attend and provide any comments you may have on agenda topics or other issues of concern. Given the controversy surrounding the SGCC Lease Agreement and its significant financial impact on the SOA, homeowner feedback to the BOD is especially important. If unable to attend you may submit comments to the BOD via email at:  soa@mysomersett.com.

Website comments are also encouraged.

SGCC Lease Agreement Termination


Posted by a Somersett Owners Association Member

Click on the following link to access a letter (posted by and republished with the permission of the author) addressed the SOA Board of Directors (BOD) regarding termination of the current Lease Agreement with the Somersett Golf and Country Club (SGCC).  The homeowner is alleging that it is the fiduciary responsibility of the BOD to terminate (for reasons stated therein) the Agreement until replaced and ratified by homeowner vote, and that this issue be placed on the agenda for the October 22 BOD Meeting.

SGCC Lease Agreement Termination Letter


Comments are welcome.  If you wish to submit opinions to the BOD, you may do so via email at soa@mysomersett.com