SOA Board of Director Candidates

As most Somersett Homeowners are probably aware, there are five candidates for the two open Board of Director positions for which you will soon be receiving ballots.  Ballots must be submitted by November 19, they will be counted at the November 20 annual homeowner meeting whereupon the two successful candidates will immediately take office.  The five candidates are identified below, all of whom have submitted their candidate statements, now available on the website and to be included with the ballot mailings.  For those of you who do not access the website, these statements may be viewed herein by clicking on their name.

Alexander (Joe) Fadrowsky

Chris Huff

Steven (Dan) Kanyr

Danielle Kirby

Steven (Steve) R. Myerson

Two “Meet the Candidate” nights were held, wherein the candidates responded to fixed questions prepared by the Election Committee as well as questions from attending Homeowners.  For those of you who did not attend these meetings, The following U-Tube videos of each meeting are available for viewing as follows:

October 20 Candidate Night video at the Club at Town Center:

October 21 Candidate Night Video at the Aspen Lodge:

 The fixed questions prepared by the Election Committee (not completely evident in the videos) may be accessed via the following link:  Candidate Questions

All homeowners are encouraged to access the above links, evaluate candidate statements, experience, qualifications, discuss with others, and make up your own mind on who you believe best qualified to represent you and the overall interests of Somersett Homeowners on the Board of Directors.  Being a Board member is not a “walk in the park”, rather it requires the dedication, time and professional skills necessary to run and oversee a five million dollar (2014 Budget) operation.

Candidates who may wish to have a more lengthy biography, statement of qualifications and/or interest to serve posted on this website may do so by sending your statement to

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