Comments from a Concerned Citizen

Posted by a Concerned Citizen

A flyer was placed at our door yesterday.  Two couples contributed to the flyer, one couple from Somersett and the other from Sierra Canyon.  I appreciated that they took the time to compose and deliver these flyers, even though my opinions are in opposition to theirs.  It is good to see people taking an interest on such important issues.  I am pulling out “quotes” from their flyer for clarification/discussion purposes.

For the Somersett couple, they are:

1)  “. . . . two unnamed candidates” were referenced.  (Since you are supporting Kirby and Huff, the two candidates can only be two out of the following three:  Fradrowsky, Kanyr or Meyerson.)  You wrote:  “We have a concern with postcard flyers that we have received regarding some candidates that are running for the Board and we are worried that these individuals may not reflect the values that make our community such a wonderful place to live”.

  • This comment makes me think that you do not believe Somersett is worthy of people who have attained difficult and impressive accomplishments, such as CPA’s, Attorneys, Ph.D’s, and/or successful business careers.    Is this what you meant?

2)  “At our own expense, we decided that we wanted to distribute this flyer and encourage you to vote for candidates that reflect your values.”

  • Do you mind explaining your values as they pertain to the filling of two Board positions?  I don’t understand how such accomplished people would have values that would be undesirable.  Will you take the time to clarify?

3) You wrote “While having financial or legal experience are good qualifications for some positions in life, and casting negative judgments about other candidates may be an approach to get oneself elected, we believe that it’s equally important that the SOA Board members reflect the perspectives and values that our community holds as well, and that brings us all together.”

  • This one really confused me.  I tried, but could not come up with a situation where a financial and/or legal background would not be beneficial for BOD positions in an Owners’ Association.  These qualifications should enhance, not detract from their qualifications for a governing Board of Directors position in a Homeowners’ Association.  When I read your comment that financial experience may be good qualifications for some positions, a funny saying came to mind “Money is the answer, what was the question?”
  • “. . . and, casting negative judgments about other candidates may be an approach to get oneself elected. . . . .” Would you, please, provide negative comments that any of the candidates have made?  I haven’t heard one disparaging comment from any of the candidates.  The only negative comments I’ve heard have come from the President of the golf club in his email supporting your two candidate choices:  Huff and Kirby.

4)    The expression “bring us all together”.

  • Would you please clarify what this term means?  Could it mean providing amenities that the survey indicated the property owners wanted, for example, and indoor pool, expanded exercise equipment and facility, safety and security measures to protect the children of Somersett (and really for all residents of both Somersett and Sierra Canyon)?  Would those improvements bring us together as a community versus the large fissure caused by the illegal* payment of approximately $440,000 per year (Approximately $7 million over 10 years–with all the other caveats–) from all property owners without their knowledge and consent to a privately held golf club.  (*The NV Attorney General’s Office determined the lease agreement is illegal.)

Now, to the claims made by the Sierra Canyon Homeowners:

1)  “We moved here from D’Andrea, in Sparks, after the golf course closed.”  “For example, the home we sold at D’Andrea lost $50,000 in value, when the golf course closed.”

  • Did you sell at the bottom of the housing bubble in Reno (NV was deeper and longer than most of the rest of the United States)?
  •  Was it purchased as a short sale for about $.30-$.40 on the dollar for the purpose of “flipping”?
  • Was the asking price a reasonable asking price based on a bona-fide appraisal at that point in time, whether the golf course was there or not?
  • How often do homes in down markets, when bankers aren’t lending money, sell for the asking price?

2)  “Have you noticed all the new homes being built in Somersett?  The builders can barely keep up with the demand. . . . .”

  • I am concerned that we are not making comparisons at the same points in time.  If you sold your home “after the golf course closed”, that means more than 2 years ago.  All of Reno’s housing market was still totally depressed at that time;   virtually no one was building then.  Now, however, building is going on all over Reno.  Note:  two (2) separate, distinct points in time.

Based on the lack of information, a cause and effect relationship cannot be established that your $50K was lost due to the closing of the golf club.