Danger – Quorum Ahead

Posted by Joe Bower Member Somersett Owners Association


Mr. Sullivan’s informative comments hit the nail on the head.

I would like to add that while HOA’s may have membership quorums at their meetings, the intent of the legislature to define a quorum as 20% of the total HOA membership (with the voting majority, 50%+1 of that number, being able to approve or disapprove of something) was to save HOA’s with small memberships from the large expenses of developing and mailing voting materials to the membership-at-large; and to provide a means for getting association decisions made when experience showed greater membership apathy and lack of attendance at meetings when something that just had to get done done.

20% was not designed to enable a small group of partisans to push their agendas upon their fellow owners. However, “smart” people can figure out multiple uses for any tool.

20% is not practical in large membership HOA’s. Can you imagine 496 owners at a Somersett meeting? Not even if something was being given out for free, in my opinion. It is not meant for the few to hide something from the many and regardless of the size of an HOA it should not be abused.  The tool is there, but for use under the right circumstances and not as a means to avoid community-wide votes.

Of course some of the 496 could carry multiple proxies from sympathetic owners to their cause so the number of bodies is less, but the votes are there. Danger – Quorum Ahead.

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