Please Vote for Candidates if You Haven’t

Today at 8:14 AM
The ballots for two new Somersett board members will be counted this afternoon.  If you haven’t voted, please complete your ballot for the candidates of your choice, hopefully Joe Fadrowsky and Dan Kanyr, and hand it in at the reception desk at the Somersett Club at Town Center by 1PM today.
The ballot to change the Somersett CC&R’s is not due until December 15. Of course it can be voted now, but it won’t be counted until then.  So, the first important step is filling the two open board seats.
As you can tell from the many emails, flyers, and telephone calls that you probably have received already on candidates, amendments, and the private golf club matters, there is a lot going on that will have great effects on all owners and their pocketbooks.
Thanks for voting if you already have.
Joe Bower
Concerned Del Webb Owner
Member Somersett Owners Association
Member Somersett United