Please Vote for Candidates if You Haven’t

Today at 8:14 AM
The ballots for two new Somersett board members will be counted this afternoon.  If you haven’t voted, please complete your ballot for the candidates of your choice, hopefully Joe Fadrowsky and Dan Kanyr, and hand it in at the reception desk at the Somersett Club at Town Center by 1PM today.
The ballot to change the Somersett CC&R’s is not due until December 15. Of course it can be voted now, but it won’t be counted until then.  So, the first important step is filling the two open board seats.
As you can tell from the many emails, flyers, and telephone calls that you probably have received already on candidates, amendments, and the private golf club matters, there is a lot going on that will have great effects on all owners and their pocketbooks.
Thanks for voting if you already have.
Joe Bower
Concerned Del Webb Owner
Member Somersett Owners Association
Member Somersett United

4 thoughts on “Please Vote for Candidates if You Haven’t

  1. Once again, inaccurate, exaggerated and inflammatory comments from one of the band of few that feel it is their job to protect the community against the bad Country Club members. “great effects on all owners and their pocketbooks”? Really? Can you point out any single instance that has or will have “great effects on all owners and their pocketbooks”? My dues haven’t gone up in the five years I’ve been here. Have yours? Did that huge special assessment only go to you, because I haven’t received one?

    Joe Fadrowsky and Dan Kanyr have an anti country Club agenda for whatever crazy reason that might be and would try to have a negative affect on the longevity of the center piece of this golf course community you all moved into. Or maybe they would like to see it go public so we could have a huge increase in outside traffic into our community? Or maybe they like what they see at Northgate and D’Andrea and don’t care? Or maybe they don’t care about their home values as they’re so under water since they bought when prices were really high that it doesn’t matter (at least Dan Kanyr probably did)?

    In any case, your current board and the other candidates (not Joe and Dan) running to fill the open positions have the best interests of the community in all their dealings with the SGCC, as well as other decisions they were elected to decide on.

    Vote to keep this golf course community vibrant, beautiful and with first class amenities that attract new buyers and growth – Vote for Danielle Kirby and Chris Huff

    1. Barry – Why is it that you continue to attack those who may have a problem with the SGCC Lease Agreement as having an “anti country club agenda”, “a disgruntled few”, and “conspiracy theorists”, who do not love their community. What ridiculous accusations! Perhaps all one wants is an equitable agreement, properly disclosed with due diligence and voted upon by Somerset homeowners. Now thanks to intervention by the Attorney General’s office this will occur. An intervention that the SGCC and current BOD had nothing to do with, rather by the actions of your so-called disgruntled few.

      With regard to the “new” SGCC agreement, we will all have a chance to digest its contents, listen to the pro’s & con’s, and vote accordingly based on its merits or lack thereof. A logical approach, therefore why your continued attack against those who championed this cause? Cannot you accept that other opinions may have merit and discuss them in a professional manner?

      With regard to BOD elections, I would hope the majority will vote for whomever they feel most qualified rather than succumb to your baseless accusations.

      BTY – Your voluminous comments aside, I do not see comments from other Country Club members who support your rhetoric.

    2. Needless to say, without the current Agreement between SOA and SGCC dues for all members of the Somersett Owners Association, including Del Webb owners, would have been lower by $180.00 a year for these last few years. That isn’t small change to anybody. Many will be pleased for the elimination of this diversion of association funds to a private entity going forward.

      Any dues money diverted from the Association to the private Golf and Country Club should have been placed into an escrow account as soon as The Agreement came under question (came to light). That money to be returned to owners or given to the Club after the legal issues have been settled and not before.

  2. I sure like what you have been doing and hope Joe and Dan get elected. Also that the revised CC&R’s are tossed.

    Norm Brazelton 1435 Del Webb West

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