New Country Club Agreement Vote

Posted by Joe Bower –  Letter sent to the SOA Board on January 27, 2013

Thank you for allowing questions and comments to made by members of the Somersett Owners Association. Here is a suggestion.

Having lived in another HOA that had a very contentious issue facing the community and which was to be resolved by a vote of all association members, I would like to suggest that Somersett follow what was done in that association to help bring the matter of the New Agreement (Association/Golf Club) before all association members in a very informative manner.

  • The Board appointed a committee of 4 anti people and 4 pro people with one board member being the liaison for the committee.
  • The committee’s job was to come up with ten questions that were of concern to all association members.
  • A community meeting was held before the voting took place.
  • At that meeting each side of the committee publicly gave their answers to each of the ten questions.
  • The questions and the answers given by both sides were put into a written document which was mailed to all association members with their ballot.

Also, I don’t know if in the case of the New Agreement the ballot will contain a single Approve/Disapprove question or more than one. If more than one, each needs to be voted upon individually.

Joe Bower, Del Webb Owner & Member SOA

6 thoughts on “New Country Club Agreement Vote

  1. Joe that sounds like a very fair way of voting, one concern if the majority of the Somersett Home Owners vote on continued support for the Golf Course it should become a community owned Golfcourse. If that is not agreeable with the present (still standing) members the other option would be to sell the Course to an outside party. Personally I don’t like the attitude “we want your financial support” and in return we will determine how many times a year we will allow you to play. It would be interesting to find out how many people living in Somersett actually play golf. With the voting on the continued support for the Golf Course the Board has the responsibility to disclose to all Home Owners how that support would effect their monthly dues.

  2. With regard to pro and con opinions in Ballot mailings. I recently sent a letter to the BOD requesting that such be accommodated in any subsequent CC&R amendment ballot mailings to homeowners. Given that, to date, the number of submitted ballots is far less than that required for a valid vote, it is fully expected that the BOD will undertake a second mailing to those unit owners who have not yet submitted their ballots. In my letter I identified where in the Nevada statutes governing common interest communities this “equal space” right has been established. Anxiously awaiting the BOD.s response.

  3. It might be difficult to find “4” anti people. Oh sorry, I forgot there are 6-10 of you in your group dead set on doing anything they can that can possibly negatively impact the SGCC, whether or not it makes sense for the community as a whole.

    I guess you can find four – Jim Harr, Joe Bower, Dan Kanyr, ? – the same people over and over again at meetings, on this site, and in general that NEVER agree with anything the SOA BOD, SDC, or SGCC wants to do to improve anything that has to do with the SGCC and or it’s relationship with the community

    1. Bary, oops, spelled your name wrong. I guess you can’t even spell Jim Haar’s name right as well as all your facts, wrong. As you have been told many times, many people in Somersett want fairness and to have a say in their community, which includes the money given (and I do mean given) to the SGCC. A legal vote should have occurred! Even the State of Nevada agrees with that, a vote and has forced the issue! Or do you take exception with the State of Nevada? There are only 112 country club members(that was a few months ago) and most do not participate in the SOA meetings nor your type of negativity. So the 10 or so SGCC members that are anti, expecting something for nothing, or against taking a vote does not support our community at all. Doing things right and LEGAL! is the right way to move forward. If you have a problem with this, then take it up with the State of Nevada!

  4. I find it interesting that I didn’t receive a ballot the first time around. I called them and then went an picked it up at the office. I filled it out and returned it to them right then. Now I get a second ballot stating my first ballot wasn’t received. Perhaps they didn’t like what I put down on the first ballot? Something is not being done right with this vote.

  5. Mac, if you have the opportunity to vote twice – you should complain to the “SOA Election Committee” who organized the original voting mailing (without envelops).

    I realise that some of us have moved here from places where multiple voting is routine, but I did not.

    How many other people will have the opportunity to vote twice? We all should know. Will your second ballott count?

    The CC&R changes ballot is bodged, incomplete, and based on Mr. Haar’s comments unworthy of Somersett. Unfortunately, these ad hoc changes, written in a basically incomprehensible form of English(Legalese), will not move us to a place where the community has clear and understandable written rules for governance.

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