New Country Club Agreement Questions

Somersett UnitedThe SOA Board of Directors (BOD) has solicited questions from home owners on the proposed purchase and amenity agreement with the Somersett Country Club (SGCC), which they will publish on the SOA website ( along with answers.  These can be accessed under the SOA website  LOGIN tab by clicking on the “Frequently Asked Questions List”.  The BOD has currently responded to nine questions with many more outstanding.  For our readers who do not access the SOA website these “FAQ’s” have been reproduced herein and may be accessed by clicking on the following:

Letter of Intent Frequently Asked Questions

Readers are encouraged to access the above and draw their own conclusions as to the answers provided by the BOD.  Also to post any comments related thereto.  If you wish to submit your own questions to the BOD you may do so via email to

Suffice it to say that quoted answers reflect BOD biases and not necessarily those of others or the community at large.  Therefore, they need to be taken with some degree of uncertainty.  SU suspects there are valid counter opinions to the majority of them, which readers are encouraged to express via the “Comment” link to this post.

SU agrees with Mr. Bower’s previous post that equal space be provided for both pro and con statements in Ballot mailings.  Thereby providing homeowners the opportunity to assess opposing viewpoints and vote accordingly.

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