Comment on Vote Extension

Posted by Joe Bower – Del Webb Owner & SOA Member


First Ballot Deadline for proposed amendments to the CC&R’s was December 15, 2013

Second Ballot Deadline for proposed amendments to the CC&R’s was February 14, 2014

Third Ballot Deadline for proposed amendments to the  CC&R’s is April 14, 2014

The Board wants your ballot and your wallet.  Please only mail or hand-deliver the ballot marked DISAPPROVE or they will hit us on the head with another extension.

8 thoughts on “Comment on Vote Extension

    1. If you submitted a ballot previously, you do not vote again. As ballots are received, the Association logs in who has voted and the ballots are placed in a ballot box for future counting.

  1. The SOA BOD needs to get the CC&R amendment approved before they submit an SGCC contract for approval. They do not feel they can get approval for a SGCC contract without first getting approval of the CC&R amendment that includes the reduction in quorum requirements (so only 10% +1 of members may approve a SGCC contract). If the SOA BOD keeps delaying the counting of the CC&R ballots, they will eventually have to submit their proposed SGCC contract for a vote without the benefit of the lower quorum standard in order to beat the clock that is running on the agreement to delay legal action on the existing SGCC agreement. If a SGCC contract is not approved before the deadline, the SOA BOD will finally have to answer to the state attorney general for their actions.

  2. Rather than drawing it out, month after month, lets have a count now and see whether the yes votes stand a chance of passing the incomplete hastily drawn changes.

    The Board has admitted that further CC&R changes (beyond these in this vote) are required in the future, and that the new “lease” section is not correct. Changes are required to accomodate the community purchase of the CGC.

    We do need a rewrite and update of the CC&R’s.

    Now the Board should appoint a committee drawn from community resident owners to re-write all the CC&R’s, in English… so all can understand…our community appreciates the importance of having clear non-controversial CC&R’s appropriate for our homeowner run community. Especially as the developer gave up control at the end of 2012.

    If all the necessary changes are properly done, I expect we will have a positive yes vote, no vote extensions neccesary. I know that a total “renewal” of the CC&R’s has been successfully accomplished and voted on by other homeowner associations.

    To the SOA Board, please act on this suggestion at the special February 20th meeting.

    1. Mr. Hurst is dead on.

      Agree with you Mr. Brooks. However, we also need the help of attorney who specializes in updating CC&R’s. I know one. There is a lot owners can do, but the attorney not only can say “yes” or “no” to what owners want, but the attorney knows what needs to be done to match revisions to state law since the last CC&R update.

  3. Let the sands of time run their course.
    Keep in perspective that there are 3 issues facing the SOA Board.
    (1) The Board has to come up with a Homeowners approved lease agreement with the Golf Club by August 2014 or face whatever action the AG chooses to take regarding the illegal agreement signed by the SOA Board and the Golf Club.
    (2) A hastily conceived proposal to amend the SOA CC&R’s which drastically reduces the majority vote to 10% plus 1 of total homeowners, and gives them wide latitude in lease purchases, Golf Club subsidy etc.
    (3) Crafting a new lease agreement with the Golf Club, starting with the Letter of Intent.
    On items (2) and (3), the Board has given lip service in reaching out to homeowners, but have not made an iota of amendment despite homeowners constructive suggestions.

    So, let Mother Time roll by, and until the SOA Board comes down to meet the homeowners’ suggested alternatives, we should either vote “DISAPPROVE” or just don’t submit a vote. The Board is free to extend ballot deadline as long as they like, and lets see what happens when Mother Time marches pass the AG’s August deadline.

    Patience is a virtue like no other.

    1. The AG deadline is mid-June. If not enough CC&R ballots are received by April 15, will the Board extend again to June 15 (mid-June) or will they have struck out after three swings?

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