Should the SGCC Go Public?

Posted by Joe Bower – Del Webb Owner & SOA Member


I think the only way to keep Golf Club members happy; along with golfers in general; fairway homeowners; non-Club member association members; and to keep the Club financially afloat is to open the course to the public 3 days a week.

It is morally wrong for a portion of homeowner dues paid to the association to be diverted for non-association purposes that aren’t spelled out in Article II of the CC&R’s, especially to a Private Club.

Article II:  “The purpose of the Association shall be: . . . . . .”  Supporting a private Golf Club is not mentioned

5 thoughts on “Should the SGCC Go Public?

  1. Either open the golf course to the public all the time, or increase the fees to the golf club members — but definitely do not use Del Webb $15 of dues for a private golf club we do not want to and don’t use. Still looking for a refund of the $15 per mo. illegally taken and continuing. Del Webb dues for ALL our facilities is only $78 per month, why are we paying $82 per month to SOA for which we get NO benefits and can’t use the pools and other facilities? Dorrie Rapp

    1. Dorrie,

      Don’t get your hopes up about ever getting your $15/mo back. Under the BOD’s current plan, even if the vote on the new agreement fails, they have no plans to void the current one. If the new agreement (i.e., purchase of the Country Club land for $2.75M) passes, your $15/m will go to paying off the purchase debt and related reserves. If the SGCC subsequently fails and the SOA takes possession to the property, what will it cost the homeowners then? In addition to the debt payment, homeowners will now be faced with costs associated with keeping the Country Club running, maintaining its 400 acres as green space, or whatever the BOD decides to do with it.

    2. Not a lot of residences of Somersett/Del Webb have bothered to vote on the CCR’S however someone was very busy to get all the Votes from the Builders in favor of passing it. If the Board gets a majority vote to pass the CCR’S it will give them the power to spend $500.000.00 per year without approval from any of the Somersett Home Owners. I like to see a survey to find out how many of the Somersett Home Owners actually play Golf ??? I think the results will be that it is not warranted to buy the Golf Course at every Somersett Home Owners expense. Not to mention the cost of running the Golf Course as well as the possibility of the building of a real (not a trailor) Clubhouse the cost for that would also be passed on to the Home Owners. What can be done to get the people living in Del Webb to vote on the CCR’S can there be notice put up in your Clubhouse ? Very important to explain what the financial
      consequences will be for every Home Owner if they get passed.

  2. Dorrie

    You are already paying $15 for the Canyon 9 golf course – the beautiful green you see if you drive in from Reno from exit 9. What is wrong in paying $10 (if we vote buy) a Championship 18 hole Golf Course? This planned new community acquisition will be actually ivisible from parts of the Del Webb 55+ development.

    To maintain it as green open space, if the SGCC should fail, would probably only cost an extra $5 a month….so $10 (to buy) and $5 to maintain = what you are already paying…

    If you want to get your $15 a month back already paid to the SGCC, (now over $1,000,000) you will have to write to the AG

    Green is beautiful, we pay for the green

  3. Agree with suggestion to open the course to the public, 3 days a week, as simply logical.
    We pay $220/month dues to SOA, on top of 2 SAD’s and one “developer bond” we inherited without disclosure so we’re paying well over $500/month, so comments complaining about $78-82/month do not resonate, let alone $15/month unless missing context here.

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