BOD Special Meeting Recap

Somersett United

The SOA Board of Directors called a special February 20th Homeowner meeting at The Club at Town Center to act on CC&R Ballot issues, specifically the following;


  •      CC&R Ballot and Confidentiality Issues
  •      CC&R Ballot Opening and Counting procedures
  •      Possible Counting of CC&R Ballots.

Since the submitted CC&R Ballots contained homeowner signatures, there was a confidentiality concern over using homeowner volunteers to open and count ballots.  To alleviate this concern it was established that ballot opening, counting and tabulation would be accomplished by BOD members and the Community Manager.   It was further decided that this would be performed during the meeting in front of those homeowners present.  Results were as follows:

  • Total number of ballots counted  –  1482
  • Number voting for Approval of the proposed CC&R changes  –  999
  • Number voting for Disapproval  –  483

What does this mean?

  1.  The number of ballots received to date is not sufficient to determine an outcome.  That is, given approximately 2500 Somersett unit owners, 1275 approval votes (i.e., 51%) are required for the proposed amendments to the CC&R to pass.
  2. The BOD recognized that an insufficient number of ballots had been received to determine an outcome, but wanted to see where the ballot count stood at this time. The BOD advised that an interim counting of ballots before the recently extended April 15 deadline was legal.
  3. Outstanding ballots will still be received and added to the above vote count.  No decision was forthcoming as to whether or not another interim vote (i.e., prior to the April 14 deadline) would be accomplished. Also no determination was made as to whether or not a third ballot mailing would be made to those unit owners who have not yet submitted a ballot.
  4. No determination has been made as to what the BOD will do if the required number of ballots for either approval or disapproval has not been received by the April 14 Deadline.

The BOD stated that it does not consider the absence of a unit owner ballot as disapproval.  Therefore, the strategy of not submitting a ballot because one either disapproves of the whole process, or does not completely understand its ramifications is not a good one.  If you fall into this category, you are encouraged to submit a DISAPPROVE ballot

On the flip side if you consider the proposed changes beneficial, and you have not yet done so, then you should submit your ballot accordingly.

Bottom line – to bring closure on this measure, the association needs your vote, either for or against.  If you have misplaced your ballot, please contact the SOA Community Manager Lauren Stemmler via telephone at 787-4500 x327 or email at to arrange for a replacement.

As an editorial note, previous ballot mailings contained literature with an obvious BOD bias toward achieving an approval vote.  No equal space was provided for alternate opinions challenging the purported merits of the proposed amendments.  In this regard, some alternate viewpoints may be accessed by clicking on the following links to previous posts..

CC&R Amendments – Setting the Record Straight

TCTC Meeting Recap – CC&R Changes

CC&R Amendment Impact on Country Club Agreement

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