Early CC&R Ballot Opening

Posted by Joe Bower  –  Member SOA and Del Webb Owner

Concerned Owners,

The early opening of the CC&R ballots was morally wrong, if not illegal.

This “interim opening,” as the Board calls it (have you ever heard of such a thing) is unfair to both sides. We cannot allow our concerns to be simply brushed off or wait for a possibly backdated formal opinion to arrive.  Please send an email to the Board of Directors ℅ Lauren at Lstemmler@mysomersett.com protesting the opening and asking for an explanation as to why the action was necessary.

The Board referenced the ratio of approve to disapprove in its undated letter received today (March 12)  begging those owners who haven’t yet voted to do so. That unduly and inappropriately influences all owners.

Not only is the Board desperate to get the number of approve votes its needs to proceed with its plans, but once again the letter is one-sided. Opposition facts and points-of-view have not only been excluded, but not a single opposing person has been allowed to put anything into the letter. Maybe equal time and space only applies to presidential candidates and state of the union speeches, but it is the right thing to do.