April 23 BOD Meeting

Somersett United
Somersett United

The Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding their open Board meeting on Wednesday, April 23rd at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center.  For those interested in attending, the meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:  April 23 BOD Meeting Agenda

Of particular interest are the following Agenda items – SU comments follow:

Item 6 b) “Review and Discussion of SGCC Stipulation with the NRED” – This pertains to the draft complaint generated by the Nevada AG’s office challenging the legality of the current SOA Lease Agreement with the SGCC.  It is directly related to the proposed CC&R Amendments and the SGCC Purchase Agreement currently under negotiation. The Stipulation gave the parties 10 months (up mid June) to resolve issues.  Perhaps some resolution will be reported on.

Item 7 a): “Ratification of Extending the Vote Deadline for the CC&R Amendment” – Nothing new here.  This is the 4th deadline, extending the period for ballot submittals to 7.5 months.  One wonders how long this will go on.

Item 7 b) “Review and Approval of CC&R Ballot Opening Process” – The BOD previously approved  a process under which they counted ballots and made the results public prior to the ballot submittal deadline.  Perhaps the criticism of this previous action has led to a rethinking of the process.

Item 7 e) “Review and Approval of Policy Related to Process for Owners and Organizations to Exercise Rights under NRS 116-31035” –  This is the Nevada law that grants “equal space” in opposing those opinions and recommendations set forth by the BOD in official publications (e.g., the CC&R Amendment publications).  Perhaps they will explain why the delay in addressing this when the first request was made by a Somersett owner back in January 2014.  The delay making it a moot point for any CC&R Amendment opposing viewpoints that may be subsequently disseminated. See previous Blog article entitled “The CC&R Circus Continues…”

Homeowners are encouraged to attend and provide any comments you may have on agenda topics or other issues of concern. If unable to attend you may submit comments to the BOD via email at:  soa@mysomersett.com.

Website comments are also encouraged.

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