SOA BOD Special Meeting Announcement

somersett UnitedThe Somersett Owners Association’s Board President has called a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors for Thursday July 31, 2014 at 5:30 PM to be held at The Club at Town Center.

Per the published agenda, this special meeting has been called to address Discussion and Approval Regarding Town Square Lots”.  No details on what is to be discussed and approved were given.  However, given past discussions, one may speculate that it relates to purchase of one or more of the town square lots for incorporation into the Association.  All homeowners are encouraged to attend and ask questions or voice opinions.

The meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link.

BOD Special Meeting Agenda


One thought on “SOA BOD Special Meeting Announcement

  1. Why can’t the Board meet monthly like boards do in other large homeowner associations across the nation instead of having special meetings in-between our every other month meetings? Why the rush for this particular special meeting?

    Nevada HOA’s are not subject to the Nevada Open Meeting Law now receiving publicity due to the current Martinez affair. However, they are subject to Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) Chapter 116, Section 31085(3) which details the very few topics allowed for closed door executive sessions. I think NRS may be being violated as too much is going on for bi-monthly meetings. Hopefully our board can learn from the scrutiny of the Washoe County School Board and its actions.

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