August 27th BOD Meeting Recap

Somersett United
Somersett United

The SOA Board of Directors (BOD) held their bi-monthly meeting at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) on August 27th, the agenda for which may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

August 27 BOD Meeting Agenda

Prior to the start of official business, Jeff Mann from the Reno Parks and Recreation Department gave a status report on the Sierra Park to be located on the site of the old Northgate Golf Course. Pertinent points follow:

  • The park will be dedicated to outdoor recreation activities
  • There will be both walking and mountain bike trails.  No motorized vehicles allowed.
  • Outdoor activities will include an archery range, neighborhood park, and a small outdoor amphitheater.
  • A couple of access points from Somersett with trailhead parking.
  • The Park will not have any lakes, ponds or green space due to limited water rights.
  • No funding yet for the above except $137K for a loop trail. It is expected that most future funds will come from grants or private contributions.
  • Development of Sierra park will not impact the planned Somersett West Park, the funding for which comes from new home sales.  Mr. Mann stated that this park is currently only 30% funded.

A recap on some of the more important BOD agenda items follow:

Canyon 9 Golf Course Maintenance.  Contract will be put out for bid, some changes to the RFP were proposed and adopted.

Purchase of a Town Center Lot. Purchase of an available Town Center lot (i.e., the one previously targeted for construction of a Memory Care facility) was discussed.  The lot owner has advised the BOD that it could be purchased for $299K.  Some on the BOD felt this was too high given current market conditions.  A motion was passed to spend up to $2.5K for an appraisal, prior to any further negotiations with the owner.

CC&R Amendments.  A motion was passed not to extend the CC&R Amendment vote beyond the current October 11 deadline.  If enough votes have not been received for approval, the BOD voted to have the SOA attorney take it to a Judge to declare approval based on results to date and the apparent apathy of voters to reach closure.

SGCC Purchase Agreement.  Apparently the lawyers have determined that due to the structure of the SGCC Purchase Agreement, a 50% +1 majority vote of all owners is required for its approval. Hence the BOD voted to adopt the 50%+1 approval requirement. It is expected that the ballot process will commence in about one week. This puts the controversial 20% quorum issue (assuming the CC&R Amendment vote passes) to bed.

Current SGCC Lease Agreement. In the event the Purchase Agreement fails, the current lease agreement will still be in effect.  However, the BOD voted not to extend it (i.e., pick up the three year renewal option) past December 31.  The BOD really had no choice here given the AG’s position on its illegality.

Strategic Planning Consultant.  The BOD voted to hire a Strategic Planning Consultant to assess long term plans for the Somersett Community.  Three potential candidates were mentioned by the Strategic Planning Committee spokesperson.

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