SGCC Purchase Agreement – An Opposing View

Posted by Charnelle Wright, Somersett Association Member

The proposed new Somersett Golf and Country Club Agreement binding the entire Somersett Community to repayment, of a $2.75 million debt, is frivolous, detrimental and unnecessary.  It is obvious that negotiations were controlled by the demands of Blake Smith and Country Club president, Pat Gaskill.  This proposed Country Club Agreement will provide the greatest benefit to just 200 equity members of the Country Club, a very small minority of Somersett owners.  The 200 Country Club members want to keep the Country Club for their exclusive use.  They are controlling this agreement and causing the rest of the 2485 owners to pay for that exclusivity.  They want the community to take on a 15yr. debt of $2.75 million so they can build a clubhouse for their exclusive use.   They are giving nothing back to the community who will be paying for their clubhouse building.  In fact, this agreement limits play for owners to 4 times a year.  Is this what we get in exchange for taking on such a huge debt?  I say, let them pay for the clubhouse themselves if they want that exclusivity or, negotiate with Blake Smith to pay for it as was the original plan when Somersett was developed.  The only part of the agreement that is favorable to Somersett is obtaining “The Water Rights” and cancelling the reverter rights of the developer, Blake Smith.  The damaging parts of the deal are the 90 yr. lease, the $2.75m loan and the fact that the owners in Somersett can only play golf 4 times a year.  At the very least, Somersett owners should have been granted the ability to play golf at the country club for a fee whenever they wish.

We can only hope that if the agreement fails to pass with the required majority votes, the Attorney General’s office will proceed with its action against Blake Smith and maybe then, a new and better deal will be negotiated and developed. There are many owners in Somersett with professional backgrounds who could assist in these tough negotiations.  If they had been invited to form a strategy and assist in the negotiation process, we might have arrived at a more favorable proposal.  If the current proposed agreement passes, Somersett owners will be burdened with a very large debt in exchange for receiving nothing.

Charnelle Wright, Somersett owner and resident