8 thoughts on “If Somersett has $2.75 million to spend – what do we want?

  1. Alternate facilities such as the indoor pool, theater, etc., sound good. But would they be open to Del Webb residents, or NOT as the current pool and much of the activities at the Town Center are currently NOT available to us, yet we pay more dues to Somersett than we do to Del Webb to support all of its facilities.

  2. Yes, additional amenities that SERVE ALL would be preferably!! Especially, if all of them would be available to residents of Sierra Canyon… respect your elder citizens… REALLY…

    Thanx & Regards, Gary

    C: 925.487.9542 H: 925.828.2924


  3. It’s nice that this resident of Somerset is thinking outside the box, but Somerset residents often forget the Del Webb residents who are a sub-set. They want our money, but then they tend to forget us. If the new club house can be an amenity that we can use and sometimes rent for gatherings and use (because our Lodge is getting too small for all the building going on) I wouldn’t mind, but subsidizing another pool for you younger folks and other programs that exclude us is outrageous. You can buy your own pool. I’m not as opposed to the golf course because it is attractive and many Del Webb people like to play golf.

    1. Sounds like this whole deal needs to be rethought. I’m tending towards a NO vote at this juncture. Perhaps the people who want to sell us this deal can come back with a sweeter proposal. What’s in it for Del Webb residents and is the cost worth the return on our investment.

  4. Love all the Ideas unfortunately there has never been any consideration as to how can the whole community benefit or what would they like to see. There is only one Party that matters and would benefit from the purchase of the Country Club, of course the argument would be “everything will stay green” that would be the argument in regards to the Home Owners that are actually worried about that. Never mind that it will cost the Somersett Community 2.7 mill. a high price to pay for green grass.
    Would love to see Patti’s comments printed and enclosed in all the ballots being mailed out her name could be omitted from the page. At least there is another perspective on the whole issue and hopefully get people to think.

  5. Pat makes some very good points. SOA could use these funds for the benefit of all members. Usage of SGCC golf amenities for the past 2.5 years shows that SOA members do not wan t more golf amenities. Look at the decline in rounds played or bags of balls on the practice range. What are the members of SGCC willing to pay to secure their future? Apparently nothing. If the 400 members paid $5000 each they could build their clubhouse. Every
    SOA member is asked to pay over a $1000 each to buy SGCC after paying $1.2m for amenities worth less than 10% of that. Enough is enough. I wish SGCC success but no more dough.

  6. Inot in favor of throwing more money into a losing proposition. General funds should be used in a way tha directly affects all residents, not the 1%-er country club membership.

    Indoor pool sounds great!

    Expanding the Sierra Canyon lodge sounds great (for the population double in Del Webb)!

  7. Pat Brooks puts forth some excellent suggestions that could be structured to benefit ALL Somersett owners including Del Webb. Spending $2.75m on a private golf course should be instead done by the members of that course, not the entire community. The current deal that we are being asked to vote on should fail. Once the SGCC is no longer receiving our $15 mo. x 2577 properties=$38,655 monthly, they may be more willing to negotiate a better deal. Blake Smith is in the background pulling strings. He wouldn’t give up his reverter rights for nothing. Once the Attorney General’s Office meets on 11/17/14 to determine his liability, he may be more anxious to negotiate a better deal as well. Timing in negotiations is critical.

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