SOA Board of Director Candidates Wanted!

Somersett UnitedAs previously posted, three Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) positions currently held by Tony Fakonas, Ray Lee and Curtis Chan will expire this year and new elections will be held to fill these positions.

To date only two “Board Candidate Statement” Forms have been submitted. If you are interested in serving the community, you are encouraged fill out this form and submit it by the October 16 deadline.

The SOA is precluded from releasing candidate names prior to the October 16 deadline. However, this does not preclude individuals from making their candidacy known via other means.  SU will be happy to publish any such intent on their website along with any candidate statements.

SU is encouraging current Board members Tony Fakonas, Ray Lee and Curtis Chan to make public their intention to run or not run for re-election, as this knowledge may influence the decision of others.

For convenience the BOD Candidate form may be downloaded via the following link:

2014 Board Candidate Statement