Board of Director Elections

Somersett UnitedSomersett homeowners will soon be receiving ballots for the election of three members to the SOA Board of Directors (BOD). The obvious question you will face is, which of the seven candidates should I vote for? For those of you who attended the “Meet the Candidate Nights”, viewed the videos thereof, read the candidate statements and/or have personal knowledge, you may a have a sense of the candidates and perhaps made your decision.  For those of you who have not, SU would like to share our recommendations.

Based on Meet the Candidate Night Q&As, candidate statements, and acquired knowledge, SU is recommending a vote for the following to fill the three open BOD positions. To view their candidate statements simply click on their name.

Patricia Brooks – Ms. Brooks will bring a breath of fresh air to the BOD. She is an outspoken opponent of using SOA funds to shore up the Country Club via the proposed purchase agreement. She states that “Homeowners Boards are not developers, not buyers of land, not managers of golf courses; they should focus on keeping our community looking pristine and managing our assets”, and if elected, “will work to re-focus our community on doing what a homeowner association should be doingadding and managing amenities that are actually needed, as developers add another 1200 dwellings to our community”.

Robert Perkins – Mr. Perkins is a candidate without any pre-conceived agendas who believes: Serving on the Somersett Board of Directors will provide the opportunity for me to participate in community matters while at the same time representing all homeowners”. His BOD interests include: 1) establishing better communications between the Sierra Canyon and Somersett BODs (Mr. Perkins is a Sierra Canyon resident), 2) formation of new SOA Landscape and Safety Committees, 3) putting the Country Club issue behind us, and 4) promoting a more transparent and open door policy by BOD members.

Joe Fadrowsky.Mr. Fadrowski is a unique candidate having served as a director on numerous HOA BODs as well as participating on HOA committees. In this regard, he certainly brings a wealth of experience to any BOD, especially on financial and budget issues. Being a current member of the Sierra Canyon BOD, one might question if he will be able to devote sufficient time to both BODs. This was the subject of questions put to him at both candidate nights, which we believe he answered in a positive way and to the satisfaction of most.

SU believes the above candidates will bring fresh ideas, are not beholden to any special interests, will perform in the best interests of the association, be transparent in all matters, and hence a welcome addition to the Board.

NOTE:  As a convenience to voters, Ballot Boxes are available adjacent to the reception desks at both The Club at Town Center and Aspen Lodge.