Rules of the Road for Comments

Somersett UnitedThis website has taken pride in publishing comments, without any filtering, regardless of their content. However, having recently received Blog comments that were deemed inappropriate, and hence not published, we would like to set the following guidelines:

  • Comments should represent a concern or issue of general interest to the Somersett community. Generally in response to published articles and/ or other comments.
  • Comments should be written in good taste. Those not written in a civil manner or specifically targeting individuals with disrespectful or demeaning comments will not be published.
  • Comments should be brief and to the point. We recommend a 250 word limit.
  • Comments may be submitted anonymously or via pseudonym if so desired.

The preceding should not be construed as limiting anyone’s right to express their viewpoint on association issues.  If a comment is deemed inappropriate, the submitter will be advised of such with an opportunity to resubmit.

2 thoughts on “Rules of the Road for Comments

  1. Evidently it is no longer possible to leave responses that disagree with Somersett United. I can verify the accuracy of everything in my response to the water rights issue and why the statements are misleading. I put my name behind it. What is the name of the censor.

    1. Mike,

      You need to chill out a little. This website does not practice censorship with regard to those who do not agree with SU editorials. All one has to do is look at the comments pro and con published on this website, including yours.

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