Board of Director Election Results

Somersett UnitedThe following candidates were successful in being elected to the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD), and are to be congratulated.

Joe Fadrowski           Tony Fakonas              Susan Novell

They will join holdover directors Danielle Kirby and Chris Huff in making up the five person SOA BOD.

Approximately 900 ballots were received, which is disappointing given the approximate 2600 eligible unit owners.   Discounting ballots cast by special interests (e.g., Builders and Country Club) it is apparent the majority of Somersett owners were somewhat apathetic with regard to the BOD election.

The next scheduled Board meeting is for December 10, which will be conducted by the new BOD and presumably include the election of officers (e.g., President, Treasurer and Secretary).  Attendance at BOD meetings by owners has been lacking in the past.  Hopefully this can be improved upon in 2015.

One thought on “Board of Director Election Results

  1. Is their a restraining norder against the SGCC vote that is taking place. Have you done anything about the Duca/Hicks mailer that was sent out. Also, are ballots for the SGCC vote secret?

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