December 10th BOD Meeting Recap

Somersett United
Somersett United

The SOA Board of Directors (BOD) held their bi-monthly meeting at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) on December 10th, the agenda for which may be accessed by clicking on the following: Dec 10 BOD Meeting Agenda.

A recap on some of the more significant agenda items follow:

Election of Officers: 

  • President – Tony Fakonas,
  • Treasurer -Joe Fadrowsky
  • Secretary – Susan Novell
  • Vice Presidents – Danielle Kirby and Chris Huff

Litigation Items:

  • Whisper Rock Owners Property Access Issue – No new status – Still an open issue
  • CC&R Amendment Lawsuit – See subsequent posting regarding details on this issue

SGCC Purchase Agreement – Ballot submittal deadline extended to February 9, 2015.

Sierra Canyon Common Area Maintenance Amendment – Needs resolution with Developer (Pulte) who still owns property.

Town Square Lot – Purchase of the lot adjacent to the Town Square retail buildings has been accomplished, purchase price was $260K using available TCTC funds. No current plans on use of the property, which is being bought for future amenity expansion. Although TCTC funds were used for the purchase, future usage involving shared amenities with Sierra Canyon is still possible.

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