Who is Somersett United?

Somersett UnitedIn a recent Comment Mr. Slattery asked some pointed questions about the make-up of Somersett United.  Before addressing them, perhaps some history is in order.

Somersett United (SU) evolved from a meeting of approximately 30 homeowners who were concerned about the perceived self-dealing on the part of the then three person Developer controlled Board of Directors (BOD).  Most notably: 1) non-turnover of the BOD to homeowner control, 2) use of homeowner assessments to repay the Developer $366K for common area construction defects (the “Subsidy Reimbursement Agreement”) and 3) use of home owner assessments at $15/month/owner to subsidize the Country Club’s operating losses ( the “Lease & Management Agreement), this without homeowner vote.  Getting no satisfaction from the BOD, individuals, on their own initiative, stepped forward to file Complaints with the Nevada Real Estate Division Ombudsman’s office.  The rest is history, which along with subsequent issues (e.g., underfunding of reserves, Moana litigation, CC&R Amendments, Country Club Purchase Agreement, equal space requirements for ballot measures, BOD meeting results and director elections, to name a few) have been reported on extensively on this website.

With regard to the SU website, it went on-line in March 2012 as a method of communicating information on community issues to Somersett residents. This was deemed necessary in the absence of any “homeowner forum” provision on the official SOA website.  That is, to provide a place where important issues are posted and open for comment both pro and con. Yes, Somersett United publishes editorials supporting their consensus position on many issues.  Yes, it also accepts, without editing or screening, all comments expressing opposing viewpoints, even those in bad taste. Since inception there have been 175 blog posts, 772 comments and 70,000 visits to the SU website.

To address Mr. Slattery’s specific questions:

  1. Who Controls Somersett United? – Nobody controls Somersett United, see following responses.
  2. Who reads and approves the Blogs? – There have been many different contributors to the Blog articles, which are submitted to the website administrator for publishing. The administrator does perform some editing duties on these articles, but only on form and format, not on content. Reader submitted Comments are also approved for posting by the website administrator but without editing of any kind. In three years of operation only two Comments have been rejected as being in exceptionally bad taste.
  3. Who are the officers of Somersett United? – There are no officers.
  4. What is the Structure of Somersett United – There is no official structure. Somersett United is simply a loose knit group of homeowners that communicate mainly via email. Yes, there is a core group that meets infrequently and unscheduled to discuss issues and propose actions (not always with unanimous consent).
  5. Who funds Somersett United? If some action is decided upon that requires funding, this is accomplished via voluntary contributions.
  6. Is there a membership list? There is no official membership list.

Mr. Slattery may be disappointed that this response does not provide a list of homeowners who have been directly involved with Somersett United activities (for what purpose one can only speculate).

Somersett United’s policy is to focus on issues not individuals.


3 thoughts on “Who is Somersett United?

  1. An excellent explanatory piece!!!! Hail to the author! It is sad that too many in the community-at-large don’t pay attention or understand how they are affected by Board actions and non actions.

    NRS 116 strives for openness. That is sorely needed. The board meeting only every 60 days doesn’t help things. At least Del Webb meets monthly.

    Lack of a board sponsored interactive website in these digital days is a pathetic shame. Oh, didn’t one of the new board members run on “improved communication.” We’ll see how long that takes; and when we get there please less social news and more business news (weekly emails like happens in Del Webb with daily updates when there is something important to know). Maybe the big master could learn from its little sub.

  2. Typical…
    Way to skirt the questions…

    If you really want people to believe that the people who created this site (I really question your 30 number – maybe 20, which includes spouses), who controls and moderates the postings, and who funds your constant lawsuits against the SOA and the community (as well as this web site) are not the same dozen or so people that continue to remain anonymous (although every once in a while their names appear in posts and responses), you’re as usual misleading the readers on the site…

    You want the SGCC to disclose confidential information, yet you’re not willing to disclose your names and roles in this web site…

    1. Reply to Barry & Mike on Names,

      Anyone that closely follows association business are aware of the individuals are that have: 1) voiced opinions at BOD meetings on proposed measures, 2) filed complaints with the NRED on violations of Nevada Law, 3) filed lawsuits against the SOA (you say “Constant” I only know of one), or 4) attached their names to ballot measure opposition statements. All of which you obviously disagree with. You know who they are, they are not anonymous. Why you and Mike are so obsessed with having these names, as well as others who may associate themselves with Somersett United objectives, identified and published on this website and for what purpose is beyond me. Suggest you give it a rest and move on!

      To quote the Blog post let us all “focus on issues not individuals”

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